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Marvel celebrating 80th anniversary with 'Decades' collections Hollywood Reporter (Wed Aug 15)
[email protected] will be showing all 20 of its movies in select @Imax theaters in honor of its 10th anniversary… Variety (Sat Aug 11)
All 20 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are returning to theaters in IMAX Entertainment Weekly (Fri Aug 10)
Has DC stopped trying to beat Marvel at its own game? Hollywood Reporter (Sun Aug 05)
Marvel's Victoria Alonso to be honored by HPA Hollywood Reporter (Mon Jul 30)
Shazam! director says film will avoid 'Captain Marvel' name Entertainment Weekly (Mon Jul 23)
Marvel's IronFist gets Season 2 premiere date on @Netflix Variety (Fri Jul 20)
Build the Ultimate Deck of Heroes in ‘Marvel Battle Lines’ Variety (Thu Jul 19)
‘Marvel Powers United VR’ Launch Trailer, Bundle Revealed Variety (Thu Jul 19)
[email protected] launches digital originals line with Hollywood Reporter (Wed Jul 18)
[email protected], who most recently appeared in @Netflix's suite of Marvel dramas, has been tapped to topline USA Ne… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Jul 10)
Brie Larson Celebrates End of Captain Marvel Shoot with Sweet Instagram Post People (Mon Jul 09)
Brie Larson marks final day of filming Captain Marvel Entertainment Weekly (Sun Jul 08)
How 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' sets up Marvel's future Hollywood Reporter (Sat Jul 07)
[email protected] fans are still waiting for the studio's first female-led solo film, but AntManAndTheWasp is a start Hollywood Reporter (Fri Jul 06)
AntManandtheWasp Review: Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly reunite in a tiny-superhero Marvel sequel that's faster, f… Variety (Fri Jul 06)
With 19 films already released in Marvel's Cinematic Universe, the studio banked on audience familiarity to market… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Jul 04)
Evangeline Lilly is calling out male Marvel actors for complaining about their suits Entertainment Weekly (Wed Jul 04)
Marvel's Ike Perlmutter sued for allegedly sending court filing to Hollywood Reporter Hollywood Reporter (Tue Jul 03)
Ant-Man and the Wasp star Michael Douglas puts the Marvel 'magic' under the microscope in exclusive video Entertainment Weekly (Tue Jul 03)
Marvel's 'Spider-Verse' getting a sequel with 'Spider-Geddon' Hollywood Reporter (Fri Jun 29)
All of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ranked, including Variety (Fri Jun 29)
Comic-Con first-look: Marvel Legends Defenders get San Diego exclusive treatment Hollywood Reporter (Fri Jun 29)
BlackPanther joins roster of Marvel heroes in new Oculus VR game Hollywood Reporter (Thu Jun 28)
Jared Leto is going from DC's The Joker to Marvel's Morbius the Living Vampire. Here is what you need to know about… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Jun 27)
As Marvel Studios continues to diversify its line-up, studio boss Kevin Feige has revealed that there are finally p… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Jun 27)
The Marvel Cinematic Universe will soon include two openly LGBTQ characters. More details here:… Entertainment Weekly (Mon Jun 25)
From Instagram DMs to Superpowers: The Cast of ‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’ Reveal All in This People Now Confess Sesh… People (Mon Jun 25)
Samuel L. Jackson on what Marvel can learn from TheIncredibles franchise Entertainment Weekly (Sat Jun 23)
Marvel to reprint 1970s 'Conan the Barbarian' comics Hollywood Reporter (Fri Jun 15)
‘Beyond Good and Evil 2’ Is a Technical Marvel, But Not Much Else Yet Variety (Fri Jun 15)
'Captain Marvel' to Be Scored by Female Composer @PinarToprak Marking Major Breakthrough Variety (Fri Jun 15)
[email protected] and @TheRealStanLee recently gave a joint interview to talk about the upcoming @Marvel’s 'Avengers:… Hollywood Reporter (Mon Jun 11)
Marvel's Kevin Feige on Awards Season: "It doesn’t mean everything" Hollywood Reporter (Sat Jun 09)
Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph on Meeting Fellow Marvel Actor Chadwick Boseman: ‘Amazing Is an Understatement’… People (Thu Jun 07)
The StarWars universe is becoming more like @Marvel 's Hollywood Reporter (Sat May 26)
TV review: Freeform's ‘Marvel's CloakandDagger' Hollywood Reporter (Thu May 24)
Jake Gyllenhaal is getting ready to suit up as the villain in the sequel to SpiderManHomecoming – The @Marvel film… Hollywood Reporter (Tue May 22)
[email protected] assigns high school superlatives—like Most Attractive and Most Likely to Stay BFFs—to Marvel characte… Entertainment Weekly (Sat May 19)
What 'Deadpool 2' gets right and wrong about Hollywood's first LGBTQ Marvel heroes Entertainment Weekly (Sat May 19)
Riz Ahmed, Mindy Kaling are jonesing to write a Ms. Marvel movie Entertainment Weekly (Wed May 16)
Can 'Eternals' fit inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Hollywood Reporter (Tue May 15)
[email protected] Television's current roster includes Netflix's Daredevil, @JessicaJones, LukeCage, IronFist,… Hollywood Reporter (Tue May 15)
Our epic Marvel movie binge and seeing InfinityWar made us remember just how much we love the MCU: Entertainment Weekly (Sun May 13)
Why South Korea is Marvel’s favorite foreign shooting location Hollywood Reporter (Fri May 11)
Smallville alum joins Marvel's The Punisher season 2 Entertainment Weekly (Thu May 10)
Annette Bening joins Captain Marvel Entertainment Weekly (Wed May 09)
Fortnite players inserted dancing Thanos into Marvel movies Entertainment Weekly (Wed May 09)
Cannes: Why a famed Chinese novelist is sparking Marvel-like dreams for China Hollywood Reporter (Wed May 09)
Marvel's Luke Cage meets his equally invulnerable match in official season 2 trailer Entertainment Weekly (Mon May 07)
[email protected]'s character is more popular than ever, but @Marvel has just scratched the surface with Ragnarok a… Hollywood Reporter (Mon May 07)
We ranked every Marvel movie by how much money it made. Here's which came out on top: Entertainment Weekly (Mon May 07)
Marvel Movie Club: 8 takeaways from Infinity War and our MCU binge Entertainment Weekly (Sun May 06)
Why AntManandtheWasp holds the keys to @Marvel's future Hollywood Reporter (Wed May 02)
[email protected]'s next challenge is clear Hollywood Reporter (Mon Apr 30)
It is time to talk about that one death in InfintyWar — and why it hurt more than any other Marvel demise thus far Hollywood Reporter (Mon Apr 30)
WATCH: AvengersInfinityWar cast weighs in on worst @Marvel costumes Variety (Sun Apr 29)
WATCH: The AvengersInfinityWar cast breaks down @Marvel's biggest film Variety (Sun Apr 29)
Chris Evans is adopting a new moniker for InfinityWar, and plans to exit the Marvel Cinematic Universe altogether… Hollywood Reporter (Sun Apr 29)
Find out where AvengersInfinityWar ranks out of all 19 @Marvel films Variety (Sat Apr 28)
Avengers: Infinity War stars assemble for epic Marvel-themed Brady Bunch parody Entertainment Weekly (Thu Apr 26)
Avengers: Infinity War Cast Sings "The Marvel Bunch" E! News (Thu Apr 26)
AvengersInfinityWar Review: A knowingly overstuffed Marvel mashup turns out to be bedazzling fun, despite the fact… Variety (Thu Apr 26)
After 18 movies, it can be hard keep track of all of @Marvel's heroes and villains. Here's a look back at where the… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Apr 25)
The film that every Marvel movie has been leading up to is nearly here. E! News (Wed Apr 25)
Marvel chief Kevin Feige tells the origin story of the MCU's post-credits scenes Entertainment Weekly (Wed Apr 25)
AvengersInfinityWar Review: A knowingly overstuffed Marvel mashup turns out to be bedazzling fun.… Variety (Wed Apr 25)
WATCH: AvengersInfinityWar cast breaks down @Marvel's biggest film Variety (Wed Apr 25)
A THR critic on @HandmaidsOnHulu's star: "Moss is still a marvel" Hollywood Reporter (Wed Apr 25)
AvengersInfinityWar review: 'A knowingly overstuffed Marvel mashup turns out to be bedazzling fun, despite the fac… Variety (Wed Apr 25)
Review: AvengersInfinityWar or 'What If Marvel Threw a Superhero Party and Everyone Came Variety (Wed Apr 25)
Is Captain America ready to hang up his shield? @ChrisEvans weighs in on his future with Marvel… Variety (Wed Apr 25)
Marvel's Kevin Feige teases how CaptainMarvel will bring back the '90s Variety (Wed Apr 25)
[email protected] hits the jackpot again with Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 24)
InfinityWar: Marvel's biggest, most star-studded film yet brings together characters from all of its franchises, i… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 24)
"You look at that Avengers poster and it looks like the world" - Don Cheadle (War Machine) on diversity in Marvel's… Variety (Tue Apr 24)
Before you see InfinityWar, check out our Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline to get up to speed Entertainment Weekly (Tue Apr 24)
The IronMan star gave shout-outs to the women of @Marvel, @Jon_Favreau and BlackPanther star @chadwickboseman dur… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 24)
The new trailer for Venom on Monday, and fans finally got to see Tom Hardy mutate into Marvel's anti-hero. E! News (Tue Apr 24)
[email protected]: "AvengersInfinityWar is my second fave @Marvel movie after BlackPanther. The superhero interplay is h… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 24)
AvengersInfinityWar premiere draws largest contingent of @Marvel superheroes Variety (Tue Apr 24)
The secrecy for the new Avengers movie has been even greater than usual for Marvel — official reviews hit Tuesday… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 24)
'Avengers: Infinity War' first reactions: 'Marvel puts it all on the table' Variety (Tue Apr 24)
Throughout its three @Avengers movies, @Marvel has always given top billing to its most bankable hero —… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 24)
Chris Pratt weighs in on the worst @Marvel costumes at the Avengers InfinityWar premiere: "Probably the people who… Variety (Tue Apr 24)
Don Cheadle on diversity in the Marvel universe: "You look at that Avengers poster and it looks like the world"… Variety (Tue Apr 24)
Elizabeth Olsen says the all-female @Marvel movie was "blown out of proportion" by the media (Watch) InfinityWar… Variety (Tue Apr 24)
Joss Whedon, who directed the first two Avengers, on why @Marvel is the gold standard for superhero films… Variety (Tue Apr 24)
The "Avengers: InfinityWar" premiere is upon us! Stay tuned for live coverage from @Marvel's superhero extravaganz… Variety (Tue Apr 24)
'@Avengers: InfinityWar' is the beginning of a sad goodbye for some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's heroes Hollywood Reporter (Mon Apr 23)
[email protected] is adopting a new moniker for InfinityWar, and plans to exit the Marvel Cinematic Universe altogether… Hollywood Reporter (Mon Apr 23)
Marvel Movie Club: 7 things to love about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Entertainment Weekly (Sat Apr 21)
Fans have been dissecting InfinityWar it since 2014, when @Marvel first revealed the film's title. It's transcende… Hollywood Reporter (Sat Apr 21)
Peggy Carter is Captain America in new Marvel comic Entertainment Weekly (Thu Apr 19)
Upcoming Dolby Cinema titles will also include PIxar's TheIncredibles2, Marvel's AntManandWasp, Marvel's… Hollywood Reporter (Thu Apr 19)
[email protected] becomes a superhero in exclusive first look at Marvel's Starboy comic Entertainment Weekly (Wed Apr 18)
Exclusive: Marvel Games sets 'Avengers: InfinityWar' updates Hollywood Reporter (Wed Apr 18)
Which upcoming Marvel movie are you most looking forward to? Vote here: Variety (Wed Apr 18)
Poll: Which upcoming Marvel movie are you most excited to see? Variety (Tue Apr 17)
Has DC finally discovered how to compete with Marvel Studios? Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 17)
StrictlyBusiness podcast: @Marvel's marketing guru on partnership power Variety (Tue Apr 17)
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger: Jaime Zevallos and Emma Lahana's characters are revealed Entertainment Weekly (Mon Apr 16)
Exclusive: Meet the cast of 'Marvel's @CloakAndDagger' Entertainment Weekly (Mon Apr 16)
Marvel's @CloakAndDagger exclusive: Jaime Zevallos and Emma Lahana's characters are revealed Entertainment Weekly (Mon Apr 16)
Marvel Movie Club: 4 things to remember about Doctor Strange Entertainment Weekly (Sat Apr 14)
Amazing Spider-Man becomes the first Marvel comic to reach 800 issues Entertainment Weekly (Fri Apr 13)
JessicaJones is part of a @Marvel lineup at @Netflix that also includes Daredevil, ThePunisher, LukeCage,… Hollywood Reporter (Fri Apr 13)
Marvel's Jessica Jones renewed for season 3 on Netflix Entertainment Weekly (Thu Apr 12)
AvengersInfinityWar isn’t opening for another two weeks, but the Marvel title is already on a record-breaking track Variety (Wed Apr 11)
Avengers: 'Infinity War' outpacing last seven @Marvel movies combined in Fandango presales Variety (Wed Apr 11)
Captain Marvel Brie Larson Powers Through an Insanely Heavy 400-Lb. Hip Thrust Workout People (Tue Apr 10)
Avengers: Infinity War stars thank Marvel fans for '10 years of fandom' Entertainment Weekly (Tue Apr 10)
Stan Lee needs a hero: Elder abuse claims and a battle over the aging Marvel creator Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 10)
The sad saga of Stan Lee: Few heroes in a battle over the aging Marvel creator Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 10)
[email protected] slams Hollywood "elitists" who think Marvel actors are "selling out" Hollywood Reporter (Mon Apr 09)
Marvel Studios and Brie Larson mourned the 'Captain Marvel' consultant pilot who died in a jet crash… Variety (Sun Apr 08)
Marvel Movie Club: EW takes sides on Captain America: Civil War Entertainment Weekly (Fri Apr 06)
Marvel's Avengers Urge Fans to Stand Up to Cancer in Moving PSA People (Fri Apr 06)
Only seven films have opened to $175 million or more domestically – Four superhero movies from Disney/Marvel, two D… Hollywood Reporter (Thu Apr 05)
Early box office tracking for AvengersInfinityWar is in, and Marvel's latest is looking at a massive debut… Variety (Thu Apr 05)
[email protected]'s production chief: How I keep the @Avengers on schedule and on budget Hollywood Reporter (Thu Apr 05)
[email protected] breakout 'Cosmic Ghost Rider' to get comic book series Hollywood Reporter (Wed Apr 04)
Avengers Star Elizabeth Olsen Hasn't Seen Black Panther Yet: 'I'm the Worst Marvel Employee!' People (Wed Apr 04)
Marvel's Spider-Man is swinging onto PlayStation this September Entertainment Weekly (Wed Apr 04)
[email protected] teases 'Extermination' for X-Men comics Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 03)
Alex Ross talks Marvelocity and what separates Marvel superheroes from DC Entertainment Weekly (Tue Apr 03)
Can anyone besides Marvel make a cinematic universe work? Hollywood Reporter (Sun Apr 01)
The ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe binge guide: Entertainment Weekly (Sun Apr 01)
Marvel Movie Club: Ant-Man is held back by 2 major problems Entertainment Weekly (Sat Mar 31)
Carrie-Anne Moss revisits her most memorable roles, from The Matrix to Marvel's Jessica Jones Entertainment Weekly (Fri Mar 30)
Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige set to speak at Produced By conference Variety (Fri Mar 30)
Can anyone besides @Marvel make a cinematic universe work? Hollywood Reporter (Thu Mar 29)
[email protected] revives 'Fantastic Four' comic book series Hollywood Reporter (Thu Mar 29)
Marvel announces new Fantastic Four comic series Entertainment Weekly (Thu Mar 29)
Produced By Conference: @Marvel's Kevin Feige, Paramount's Jim Gianopulos join line-up Hollywood Reporter (Thu Mar 29)
A series of marvelous events: A Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline Entertainment Weekly (Thu Mar 29)
Donald Glover rips Marvel in Deadpool script after exiting animated series Hollywood Reporter (Wed Mar 28)
Drax hilariously takes center stage in new MARVEL Strike Force trailer Entertainment Weekly (Wed Mar 28)
'Avengers' Star Chris Evans, 'Deadpool's' Ryan Reynolds & More Marvel All-Stars Help Fulfill Dying Boy's Wish (via… TMZ (Wed Mar 28)
Twitter plea to connect dying boy with an Avenger gets an overwhelming response from Marvel Cinematic Universe acto… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Mar 28)
Scooter Braun and former @Marvel chairman David Maisel form Mythos Studios Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 27)
CaptainMarvel looks to the past to ensure Marvel's future Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 27)
'Avengers' Star Chris Evans, 'Deadpool's' Ryan Reynolds & More Marvel All-Stars Help Fulfill Dying Boy's Wish (via… TMZ (Tue Mar 27)
The ultimate Marvel Cinematic Universe binge guide Entertainment Weekly (Tue Mar 27)
How 'Squirrel Girl' writers gave @Marvel hero the YA treatment Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 27)
Brie Larson's Captain Marvel Begins Shooting and Adds Some Marvel Favorites to Cast People (Mon Mar 26)
Marvel slipped some major cast spoilers into its announcement that production is underway on the CaptainMarvel mov… Entertainment Weekly (Mon Mar 26)
Brie Larson has officially suited up to begin filming Captain Marvel: E! News (Mon Mar 26)
Captain Marvel movie to feature key Guardians, S.H.I.E.L.D. characters Entertainment Weekly (Mon Mar 26)
CaptainMarvel rounds out cast with familiar Marvel names Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 26)