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Marvel's The Punisher: Ben Barnes talks Billy Russo's grisly fate Entertainment Weekly (Sat Nov 18)
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Marvel names C.B. Cebulski as new editor-in-chief Entertainment Weekly (Fri Nov 17)
'Marvel's The Punisher': How the first episode plays out @ThePunisher Hollywood Reporter (Fri Nov 17)
Marvel names new editor-in-chief Hollywood Reporter (Fri Nov 17)
The Deadpool star had some fun on Thursday, tweeting along with fellow @Marvel antihero and real-life bud… Hollywood Reporter (Fri Nov 17)
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James Franco in talks to star as Marvel mutant Multiple Man in new Fox film Entertainment Weekly (Thu Nov 16)
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DC vs. Marvel: Why the rivalry is bigger than Hollywood Reporter (Thu Nov 16)
[email protected]: What to expect from Marvel's new @Netflix series Hollywood Reporter (Wed Nov 15)
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REVIEW: Marvel's Variety (Tue Nov 14)
'Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2': Secret Comic Covers Revealed (Exclusive) Hollywood Reporter (Mon Nov 13)
Marvel's ThePunisher earns mixed reviews: Entertainment Weekly (Mon Nov 13)
Marvel's The Punisher is sensitive, thoughtful, and boring: EW review Entertainment Weekly (Mon Nov 13)
TV review: Marvel's ThePunisher, starring Jon Bernthal Variety (Mon Nov 13)
Here's who's mad at whom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after ThorRagnarok: Entertainment Weekly (Sun Nov 12)
Marvel Studios opens BlackPanther on Feb. 16, 2018 Hollywood Reporter (Fri Nov 10)
Who's mad at whom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Thor: Ragnarok Entertainment Weekly (Tue Nov 07)
Iconic Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis moves to DC Entertainment Weekly (Tue Nov 07)
[email protected] leaves Marvel for DC Hollywood Reporter (Tue Nov 07)
Flavorwire film editor: "We will not cover any Disney releases, nor those of subsidiaries Marvel or Lucasfilm" Hollywood Reporter (Tue Nov 07)
ThorRagnarok is the 17th straight Marvel film to open at no. 1 at the box office Variety (Mon Nov 06)
From ThorRagnarok to IronMan, here's our ranking of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies:… Entertainment Weekly (Sun Nov 05)
Watch James Corden bring out Chris Hemsworth and the main cast of the Marvel film to perform ThorRagnarok live! Entertainment Weekly (Sat Nov 04)
Marvel family calls Thor: Ragnarok 'absolutely amazing,' 'excellent' Entertainment Weekly (Sat Nov 04)
Did you know? Thor was actually once a frog in the Marvel comics Hollywood Reporter (Sat Nov 04)
7 Reasons Thor: Ragnarok Is One Of Marvel’s Best Movies Yet MTV News (Fri Nov 03)
See where ThorRagnarok lands on our ranking of the best and worst movies in the @Marvel Cinematic Universe… Variety (Fri Nov 03)
10 Gifts for the Marvel Fan Entertainment Weekly (Fri Nov 03)
The ThorRagnarok composer knew Marvel scores sounded similar, so he decided to change that Hollywood Reporter (Fri Nov 03)
ThorRagnarok director @TaikaWaititi shares how he approached Cate Blanchett to be @Marvel’s first female villain… Hollywood Reporter (Fri Nov 03)
Marvel's Runaways "has to lay a lot of foundation, but it's still a promising start for this comic book dramedy” Hollywood Reporter (Thu Nov 02)
See where ThorRagnarok lands in our ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies: Entertainment Weekly (Thu Nov 02)
ThorRagnarok boasts a 97 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes — the top score of any film in the Marvel universe Hollywood Reporter (Thu Nov 02)
Marvel's Runaways is The O.C. with superpowers: EW review Entertainment Weekly (Wed Nov 01)
Marvel's New Warriors will no longer air on Freeform Entertainment Weekly (Wed Nov 01)
Exclusive: Marvel’s NewWarriors Won't Air on Freeform, Series Will be Shopped Elsewhere Hollywood Reporter (Wed Nov 01)
Poll: What's your favorite Marvel movie series? Variety (Tue Oct 31)
Check out what we had to say about ThorRagnarok, the latest Marvel installment: Entertainment Weekly (Sun Oct 29)
[email protected] Asks Marvel and DC fans to chill with the hateful arguing Hollywood Reporter (Sun Oct 29)
[email protected] Asks Marvel and DC fans to chill with the hateful arguing Hollywood Reporter (Sat Oct 28)
Marvel's Runaways drops new trailer Entertainment Weekly (Thu Oct 26)
Marvel's Daredevil: Vincent D'Onofrio to return in season 3 as Wilson Fisk Entertainment Weekly (Wed Oct 25)
Marvel writer convinces Kellogg's to change racially insensitive cereal box artwork Hollywood Reporter (Wed Oct 25)
Jeff Goldblum teases a @Marvel appearance after Hollywood Reporter (Wed Oct 25)
The RogueOne actor is in talks to play the villain in Marvel's first female-fronted stand-alone Hollywood Reporter (Wed Oct 25)
Ben Mendelsohn in talks to play Captain Marvel villain Entertainment Weekly (Wed Oct 25)
Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok is the first openly-LGBTQI superhero character in a Marvel movie.… E! News (Tue Oct 24)
[email protected] teases new look for its comic book Thor ahead of 'Ragnarok' Hollywood Reporter (Mon Oct 23)
Thor: Ragnarok might be the funniest Marvel movie since Guardians of the Galaxy: E! News (Mon Oct 23)
ThorRagnarok brings some welcome humor to the @Marvel franchise Variety (Mon Oct 23)
Thor: Ragnarok might be the funniest Marvel movie since Guardians of the Galaxy: E! News (Sat Oct 21)
BlackPanther trailer decoded: Ryan Coogler reveals secrets of the new Marvel movie Entertainment Weekly (Sat Oct 21)
Thor: Ragnarok May Be Marvel's Funniest Movie Since Guardians of the Galaxy, According to Early Reviews E! News (Sat Oct 21)
Film Review: ThorRagnarok injects a welcome dose of self-parody into the @Marvel series Variety (Fri Oct 20)
Tom Hardy is starring as the @Marvel antihero in Venom Hollywood Reporter (Fri Oct 20)
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Thor: Ragnarok reviews hail the Hela-funny film, but not the Marvel formula Entertainment Weekly (Thu Oct 19)
Thor: Ragnarok is the funniest Marvel movie yet (just beware of its story) Entertainment Weekly (Thu Oct 19)
Marvel's The Punisher: Netflix finally reveals release date, drops new trailer Entertainment Weekly (Thu Oct 19)
Tessa Thompson would love to see a world with an all-female Marvel movie: E! News (Tue Oct 17)
Black Panther Decoded: Exploring the Mysteries of the New Marvel Trailer Entertainment Weekly (Mon Oct 16)
Garfield creator Jim Davis drew a Galactus story for new Marvel comic Entertainment Weekly (Mon Oct 16)
Your Monday is about to get a whole lot better. Marvel just dropped a full-length trailer for Black Panther:… E! News (Mon Oct 16)
New Black Panther Trailer Ventures Into Marvel's Miracle World of Wakanda People (Mon Oct 16)
Watch the first full trailer for Marvel's Variety (Mon Oct 16)
New Black Panther trailer ventures into Marvel's miracle world of Wakanda Entertainment Weekly (Mon Oct 16)
LEGO MSH2 features a whole host of characters familiar to Marvel's movies output Hollywood Reporter (Fri Oct 13)
The Marvel Universe doesn't need an official timeline Hollywood Reporter (Thu Oct 12)
ThorRagnarok is the 17th title in the Marvel Universe. Combined, the films have grossed $12.6B at global box office Hollywood Reporter (Thu Oct 12)
Marvel Postpones Opening of Busan Experience Variety (Thu Oct 12)
James Gunn praises Thor: Ragnarok as the funniest, most colorful Marvel film yet Entertainment Weekly (Wed Oct 11)
Marvel's The Gifted won't 'tiptoe around' Polaris' mental illness Entertainment Weekly (Sun Oct 08)
[email protected]’s ‘Punisher’ Problem: When Real-World Violence Intrudes on Promotional Plans Variety (Sun Oct 08)
Marvel drops Northrop Grumman partnership after backlash Hollywood Reporter (Sun Oct 08)
The Weeknd gets his own Marvel comic book, Starboy Entertainment Weekly (Sat Oct 07)
Marvel ends partnership with defense contractor after backlash Variety (Sat Oct 07)
Hulu releases trailer for Marvel's Runaways Entertainment Weekly (Fri Oct 06)
Idris Elba wants a bigger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Entertainment Weekly (Fri Oct 06)
[email protected] introduces Hulk/Wolverine clone in 'Weapon H' Hollywood Reporter (Thu Oct 05)
Netflix and Marvel said it "wouldn't be appropriate" to promote ThePunisher at NYCC in wake of Las Vegas Hollywood Reporter (Thu Oct 05)
Netflix and Marvel pull The Punisher from NY Comic Con after Las Vegas shooting Entertainment Weekly (Thu Oct 05)
Marvel’s ‘Punisher’ Pulled From New York Comic-Con Following Las Vegas Shooting Variety (Wed Oct 04)
Marvel's Luke Cage first look: Iron Fist joins Luke in season 2 Entertainment Weekly (Wed Oct 04)
PEOPLE’s OnesToWatch Talks to Winston Duke About His Breakout Role in Marvel’s Upcoming People (Wed Oct 04)
[email protected] recruits award-winning novelist @Nnedi Okorafor for a new digital BlackPanther comic… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Oct 03)
[email protected]: How Fox's XMen series measures up within Marvel's TV empire Hollywood Reporter (Tue Oct 03)
Marvel's The Gifted: Meet the X-Men Drama's Mutant, Human Characters Entertainment Weekly (Tue Oct 03)
Exclusive: Marvel Comics are now available on digital platform Madefire Hollywood Reporter (Tue Oct 03)
Fox Sets Simultaneous Global Launch for Marvel’s ‘The Gifted’ Variety (Mon Oct 02)
See the style evolution of Marvel's Thor: Entertainment Weekly (Sun Oct 01)
TV Ratings: ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Opens OK for ABC, L3 Ratings Plump Monday Premieres Variety (Sat Sep 30)
Marvel's Inhumans: What the critics are saying Hollywood Reporter (Sat Sep 30)
Marvel's The Gifted is fast-paced, compelling comic-book fare: EW review Entertainment Weekly (Fri Sep 29)
REVIEW: @Marvel misses the mark with Variety (Fri Sep 29)
Why Brie Larson made personal sacrifices to be Captain Marvel Entertainment Weekly (Fri Sep 29)
Before Marvel's Inhumans premieres on ABC tonight, check out our primer to get scoop: Entertainment Weekly (Fri Sep 29)
REVIEW: @Marvel misses the mark with Variety (Thu Sep 28)
Marvel's Runaways: Get Your Exclusive First Look at the New Hulu Series Entertainment Weekly (Thu Sep 28)
REVIEW: @Marvel misses the mark with Variety (Thu Sep 28)
MarvelLegacy debuts today, offering a jumping-on point for those curious about the comic version of Marvel Universe Hollywood Reporter (Wed Sep 27)
[email protected] reveals which comic book superhero is returning from the dead this week Hollywood Reporter (Mon Sep 25)
The Style Evolution of Marvel's Thor Entertainment Weekly (Mon Sep 25)
Marvel's Inhumans is cosmic imagination brought down to boring Earth: EW review Entertainment Weekly (Thu Sep 21)
Axel Alonso previews Marvel Legacy: 'Act 3 of a larger plan' Entertainment Weekly (Wed Sep 20)
Marvel's TheDefenders Is Least-Viewed Among Netflix's Marvel Street-Hero Series in Debut Month, Study Finds Variety (Wed Sep 20)
Marvel's The Punisher: Decoding the First Official Trailer Entertainment Weekly (Wed Sep 20)
Marvel's The Punisher: Everybody wants Frank dead in bloody official trailer Entertainment Weekly (Wed Sep 20)
[email protected] resurrects the XMen comic book Phoenix ahead of her movie spotlight Hollywood Reporter (Mon Sep 18)
Marvel's The Punisher: Frank Castle delivers a menacing message in new teaser Entertainment Weekly (Mon Sep 18)
Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is a fun fanfic fever dream: EW review Entertainment Weekly (Mon Sep 18)
See 12 new photos from Marvel's @ThePunisher: Entertainment Weekly (Sun Sep 17)
Marvel’s The Punisher: Jon Bernthal previews ‘brutal’ spin-off series Entertainment Weekly (Fri Sep 15)
'Tales of Suspense' comic will explore life after death for Marvel's Black Widow Hollywood Reporter (Thu Sep 14)
Marvel's The Punisher: 12 New Photos From the Spin-Off Series Entertainment Weekly (Tue Sep 12)
See 12 new photos from Marvel's ThePunisher: Entertainment Weekly (Tue Sep 12)
It was great while it lasted—Netflix will not get future Marvel or Star Wars movies: E! News (Sun Sep 10)
Netflix Won’t Get Future ‘Star Wars,’ Marvel Films — And Streamer’s Investors Shrug Variety (Thu Sep 07)
BREAKING: StarWars and Marvel films are moving to @Disney's streaming service Variety (Thu Sep 07)
Disney CEO Bob Iger says Marvel, Star Wars movies will be on streaming service Hollywood Reporter (Thu Sep 07)
Star Wars, Marvel movies shifting to Disney streaming service Entertainment Weekly (Thu Sep 07)
TheForceAwakens sequel (Marvel's comic) reveals what happened to @LoveGwendoline's Captain Phasma… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Sep 06)
What Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ IMAX Performance Means for ABC Series Variety (Tue Sep 05)
ABC's Marvel Drama Inhumans Underwhelms in Imax Bow Hollywood Reporter (Tue Sep 05)
Marvel's Inhumans: Iwan Rheon previews life on the moon Entertainment Weekly (Wed Aug 30)
Marvel's Inhumans: A Guide Entertainment Weekly (Wed Aug 30)
Marvel's Luke Cage season 2 first look: See Misty Knight with her new bionic arm Entertainment Weekly (Tue Aug 29)
Exclusive: See Misty Knight with her new bionic arm in this Marvel's @LukeCage season 2 first look:… Entertainment Weekly (Tue Aug 29)
Marvel's Inhumans prepare for family battle in new trailer Entertainment Weekly (Tue Aug 29)
Marvel's The Punisher reveals clues to Frank's mission through series of tweets in Morse code Entertainment Weekly (Mon Aug 28)
TheDefenders star Scott Glenn teases potential return to the Marvel universe and talks TheLeftovers finale… Hollywood Reporter (Fri Aug 25)
Exclusive: @SAghdashloo has joined @Marvel's Daredevil spinoff, @ThePunisher! Get all the details: Entertainment Weekly (Fri Aug 25)
Edinburgh TV Fest: Marvel Exec Hints at Comedic Direction, Teases 'Inhumans' Hollywood Reporter (Thu Aug 24)
[email protected] stunt double breaks down the different fighting styles of Captain America and Daredevil… Variety (Wed Aug 23)
[email protected] warns fans of online scammers attempting to impersonate the Marvel star to steal money… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Aug 23)
Composers for Marvel’s TV Universe Strike a Different Chord Variety (Wed Aug 23)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will help set up '10, 20 years of Marvel movies' Entertainment Weekly (Wed Aug 23)
Marvel's The Defenders: Elodie Yung on Elektra's fate, killing off [spoiler] Entertainment Weekly (Mon Aug 21)
Marvel's The Defenders: What the ending could mean for Daredevil season 3 Entertainment Weekly (Mon Aug 21)
Did you binge watch @Marvel's TheDefenders on @netflix this weekend? Variety (Mon Aug 21)
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Are you binge watching @Marvel's TheDefenders on @netflix this weekend? Variety (Sun Aug 20)
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Where do TheDefenders rank among other superhero TV shows? @Marvel @DCComics Variety (Sun Aug 20)