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Will Oscars' popular film category generate ratings or just controversy? Variety (Tue Aug 14)
Razzies address new Oscars category for popular film: "If you are devalued — so are we" Hollywood Reporter (Mon Aug 13)
Tim Robbins on the Oscars' new "popular film" category: "At one point, 'Shawshank Redemption' was a popular film, s… Variety (Fri Aug 10)
Casey Affleck on not presenting at the 2018 Oscars: "I think it was the right thing to do just given everything th… Hollywood Reporter (Thu Aug 09)
BlacKkKlansman producer @jason_blum on the Oscars new popular film category: “I think it’s a great thing. I think… Hollywood Reporter (Thu Aug 09)
[email protected]_blum praises Oscars' new popular film category: "A step in the right direction" Hollywood Reporter (Thu Aug 09)
From Black Panther to Mamma Mia 2: The Movies That Could Win Oscars' New 'Popular' Award People (Thu Aug 09)
With the Oscars honoring 'popular' films, here are some potential contenders Entertainment Weekly (Thu Aug 09)
To tighten up the Oscars, @TheAcademy says "select" categories will be presented during commercial breaks. Members… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Aug 08)
The new Oscars category – Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film – will be introduced this coming year, at the 91… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Aug 08)
Oscars: @TheAcademy is still finalizing the details for the popular film category, but announced that a single fil… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Aug 08)
[email protected]'s board of governors has approved several major changes to the Oscars ceremony's format in the hope o… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Aug 08)
Often the biggest omissions from the major categories at the annual Oscars are the year’s biggest blockbuster movi… Entertainment Weekly (Wed Aug 08)
BAFTA spokesperson: "Our intention will be to stay ahead of the Oscars, as we have been since 2001" Hollywood Reporter (Wed Aug 08)
BAFTAAwards likely to move earlier for 2020 in line with new Oscars date Hollywood Reporter (Wed Aug 08)
[email protected] plans three-hour Oscars telecast, adds popular film category Hollywood Reporter (Wed Aug 08)
Oscars: How the fall film fests will shape awards season Hollywood Reporter (Fri Jul 27)
Jimmy Kimmel thanks Denzel Washington for saving Oscars after envelopegate Hollywood Reporter (Wed Jul 11)
Oscars 2019: Lady Gaga, Timothée Chalamet, and other contenders on the horizon. Entertainment Weekly (Sun Jun 24)
Here are the movies that should be on your Oscars radar now: Entertainment Weekly (Sat Jun 23)
Oscars: Academy makes key changes in documentary, music and VFX categories Variety (Tue Apr 24)
Oscars: Campaign mailings must now go through @TheAcademy, song and score categories get shortlists… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 24)
"I wasn’t mainstream enough and I wasn’t going to be at the Oscars this year, even though I am having a kind of ren… Hollywood Reporter (Mon Apr 23)
[email protected] talks GirlsTrip Oscars snub Hollywood Reporter (Thu Apr 19)
Exclusive: Oscars: 'In Search of Greatness,' early doc contender, releases first trailer Hollywood Reporter (Wed Apr 04)
With three days of DVR returns factored in, Roseanne's premiere episode viewership is now bigger than the Oscars… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Apr 04)
Hollywood flashback: When the Oscars were postponed for Martin Luther King's funeral Hollywood Reporter (Tue Apr 03)
Acting royalty Glenda Jackson has two Oscars and two Emmys; returning to Broadway after 30 years, she now becomes a… Hollywood Reporter (Sat Mar 31)
Oscars President John Bailey Staying in Job as Academy Dismisses Sexual Harassment Claim People (Wed Mar 28)
Steven Spielberg says Netflix films shouldn't qualify for Oscars: "Once you commit to a television format, you’re a… Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 26)
Steven Spielberg thinks Netflix films should not qualify for Oscars Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 26)
Steven Spielberg doesn't think Netflix movies deserve Oscars Variety (Sun Mar 25)
Christian Siriano Spent $50,000 Shipping Oscars Dresses to Los Angeles People (Fri Mar 23)
YouTube Buys Drama ‘Vulture Club’ Starring Susan Sarandon In Oscars Bid Variety (Wed Mar 21)
Emma Stone's Oscars pantsuit, @Oprah's Globes gown: Top 25 looks from the year in Hollywood style… Hollywood Reporter (Wed Mar 21)
[email protected] reveals the origin of her "I did it all by myself" Oscars acceptance speech joke… Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 19)
In case you were wondering, Jennifer Garner still doesn't know why she made that face at the Oscars: E! News (Sun Mar 18)
In case you were wondering, Jennifer Garner still doesn't know why she made that face at the Oscars: E! News (Sun Mar 18)
Jennifer Garner Reacts to Oscars Meme on 'Ellen' - Watch Now (via @JustJared) TMZ (Sat Mar 17)
[email protected] hopes his Oscars win changes the way studios look at representation: 'People are interested in seeing th… Variety (Fri Mar 09)
THR breaks down the shout-outs and jokes that may have left viewers scratching their heads during the 90th Oscars… Hollywood Reporter (Fri Mar 09)
Oscars: Hal Janney and more inside references explained Hollywood Reporter (Fri Mar 09)
The Revenant Director on the Success of Mexican Filmmakers: 'We'll Build a Wall Made Entirely Out of Oscars' People (Thu Mar 08)
Rihanna Had A Hand In Daniel Kaluuya's Oscars Look (via @PopCrush) TMZ (Thu Mar 08)
To prep for the Oscars, @RealGDT went to Whole Foods, took melatonin, and slept until about a half hour before he… Variety (Thu Mar 08)
Elizabeth Chambers Hammer Takes You Inside Her Stylish – and Busy! – 2018 Oscars People (Thu Mar 08)
Salma Hayek's Favorite Moment at the Oscars Was When She Got a Foot Massage People (Thu Mar 08)
Why Jennifer Lopez Skipped the Oscars This Year People (Wed Mar 07)
Kim Kardashian West 'Took One for the Team' and Left Oscars Party for Early Morning Carpool People (Wed Mar 07)
An Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Look at Emily Blunt’s 2018 Oscars Look People (Wed Mar 07)
Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Trump's Oscars Jab with a Timely Joke About Stormy Daniels People (Wed Mar 07)
Oscars: How ‘The Shape of Water’ Rallied a Consensus Variety (Wed Mar 07)
Audience Member Describes Wrinkle in Time Oscars Stunt as 'Frickin' Incredible' People (Wed Mar 07)
Jimmy Kimmel mocks Trump for thinking he caused the Oscars' low ratings Entertainment Weekly (Wed Mar 07)
Apparently Kendall Jenner Was Hospitalised Before The Vanity Fair Oscars Party LOOK magazine (Wed Mar 07)
Why Kendall Jenner almost didn't make it to the Oscars party... LOOK magazine (Wed Mar 07)
24 Stunning Prom Dresses at Every Price, Inspired by the Oscars People (Wed Mar 07)
Jimmy Kimmel slams Trump again for Oscars ratings tweet Hollywood Reporter (Wed Mar 07)
Oscars drive big streaming gains for Sufjan Stevens, @MaryJBlige Hollywood Reporter (Wed Mar 07)
If you ask Salma Hayek, she had the best seat at the Oscars: E! News (Wed Mar 07)
Ryan Seacrest’s coverage of the Oscars red carpet for E! took a significant hit in the Nielsen ratings… Variety (Wed Mar 07)
Michael Shannon Watched His Movie Win Best Picture at Oscars in a Dive Bar People (Wed Mar 07)
Which of the past five Oscars hosts was your favorite? Vote here: Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Ryan Seacrest's Oscars red carpet coverage lost fans this year Entertainment Weekly (Tue Mar 06)
Tower Records founder Russ Solomon dies while drinking whiskey and watching the Oscars at age 92 Entertainment Weekly (Tue Mar 06)
Tower Records Founder Russ Solomon Dies While Drinking Whiskey and Watching the Oscars at Age 92 People (Tue Mar 06)
Before the Vanity Fair Oscars party, Kendall Jenner made a quick stop at the hospital: E! News (Tue Mar 06)
Oscar Winner Frances McDormand & Gal Gadot Share Oscars Kiss (via @Fox411) TMZ (Tue Mar 06)
Tiffany Haddish Jumped Over a Rope to Meet Meryl Streep at Oscars 2018 (Video) (via @JustJared) TMZ (Tue Mar 06)
Trump: "Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY" @JimmyKimmel: "Thanks, lowest rated President in Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
Emma Watson Wears Misspelled ‘Time’s Up’ Tattoo To Oscars (via @Fox411) TMZ (Tue Mar 06)
Ryan Seacrest's Oscars red carpet ratings drop 43% from 2017 Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Madonna Has an Epic Photo Shoot with Kim Kardashian and Cardi B at Her Oscars Party People (Tue Mar 06)
Kendall Jenner Was Hospitalized Before Attending Vanity Fair Oscars Party: Report People (Tue Mar 06)
Jimmy Kimmel claps back at Trump for 'lowest-rated Oscars' tweet Entertainment Weekly (Tue Mar 06)
Nicki Minaj Steps Out for the First Time in Months, Hits Up JAY-Z & Beyoncé’s Oscars Bash People (Tue Mar 06)
Adam Rippon Met His Celeb Crush Shawn Mendes at Oscars 2018 After Party! (Pics) (via @JustJared) TMZ (Tue Mar 06)
[email protected] responds to Trump's Oscars tweet: "Thanks, lowest rated President in HISTORY." Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
President Trump Mocks 'Lowest-Rated' Oscars, Says He's the Only 'Star' People (Tue Mar 06)
Jennifer Garner reveals what she was thinking about in viral Oscars moment: Entertainment Weekly (Tue Mar 06)
Jimmy Kimmel made his daughter "pancakes disguised as donuts" hours after hosting the Oscars because he really is… E! News (Tue Mar 06)
Jennifer Garner pokes fun at her viral Oscars moment Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
President Trump weighed in on the low Oscars ratings Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Oscars 2018: The full winners list Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Genre bias appears to be melting away more and more in the modern Oscars era Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Trump skewers Oscars ratings: 'We don’t have Stars anymore - except your President' Entertainment Weekly (Tue Mar 06)
Trump responds to Oscars' record-low ratings Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
Rambling Reporter at the Oscars: Inside Jimmy Kimmel's afterparty, Tiffany Haddish's big weekend and Olympian Adam… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
Trump cites lack of star power for low Oscars ratings Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Jennifer Garner reveals what she was thinking about in viral Oscars moment Entertainment Weekly (Tue Mar 06)
Tiffany Haddish stops 'Kimmel' interview to beeline for Meryl Streep at Oscars Entertainment Weekly (Tue Mar 06)
See photos of @oliviawilde, Sam Rockwell, @GalGadot and more from last night's post-Oscars parties… Variety (Tue Mar 06)
We Know Why Jodie Foster Was On Crutches At The Oscars (And It’s Not Because Of Meryl) LOOK magazine (Tue Mar 06)
We know the REAL reason why this actress was on crutches at the Oscars... LOOK magazine (Tue Mar 06)
The Oscars embraced inclusion, but the winners were mostly conventional (Column) Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Missed the Oscars awards 2018? Here's a round-up of the best dressed from the red carpet...… Closer Mag & Online (Tue Mar 06)
Oscars: The morning after the 90th edition of Hollywood's highest-profile awards show, THR's editorial director an… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
Oscars: @StarWars and WonderWoman fans – did you catch the sci-fi and comic book moment, featuring @HamillHimself… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
Oscars: As awards season ends, below is a look at what some of this year's crafts winners and nominees are doing n… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
PICS! See inside @MarkWright_ and @michkeegan's Oscars date night Now (Tue Mar 06)
[email protected] on "shut up and dribble" comments: the ability to criticize is what makes America beautiful Oscars… Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Oscars: Close behind were @JordanPeele with his win for GetOut and Frances McDormand’s best actress speech. Check… Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
Andy Samberg's Band The Lonely Island Wrote a Hilarious Rejected Oscars Song People (Tue Mar 06)
Jennifer Garner Reveals What She Was Thinking About at That Viral Oscars Moment People (Tue Mar 06)
8 Things You Didn't Know About These Showstopping Oscars Gowns People (Tue Mar 06)
Jimmy Kimmel Talks Oscars, the Jet Ski Contest and His Mother’s Cookies Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Emma Watson Wears Misspelled ‘Time’s Up’ Tattoo To Oscars (via @Fox411) TMZ (Tue Mar 06)
Get Out Star Lakeith Stanfield Takes Us Inside His Oscars Getting-Ready Process People (Tue Mar 06)
Mary J. Blige Quietly Settles Divorce with Ex Kendu Isaacs Before Her Big Night at the Oscars People (Tue Mar 06)
This year's Oscars was the least-watched broadcast to date Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Emma Watson arrived to an Oscars after-party wearing her heart on her arm. E! News (Tue Mar 06)
Take a look inside Oscars night’s most exclusive after parties Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak, In-N-Out Burgers & More: Inside the Vanity Fair Oscars Party People (Tue Mar 06)
From Frances McDormand’s stolen award to Oscars engravings, take a look inside this year's GovernorsBall… Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Oscars: What the crafts winners and nominees are doing next Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak Are Still Just Friends Despite Going to Oscars Party Together People (Tue Mar 06)
Academy Awards review: 'The Oscars felt like a re-enactment of Hollywood’s progress on any number of fronts: Two s… Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Get 9 of the Most Glamorous Oscar Shoe Styles at Non-Oscars Prices People (Tue Mar 06)
Oscars: What you didn't see on TV last night Hollywood Reporter (Tue Mar 06)
Frances McDormand sparked curiosity about inclusion riders after her Oscars best actress speech… Variety (Tue Mar 06)
Just let us believe that Madonna Vogued with Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Jennifer Lawrence at her Oscars after-par… E! News (Tue Mar 06)
Margot Robbie's Brother Jokingly Shades Her After She Loses Out at Oscars People (Tue Mar 06)
Watch @thelonelyisland's Oscars parody video Variety (Tue Mar 06)
"This is about paying it forward to the young people." GetOut filmmaker Jordan Peele after Sunday's Oscars… Variety (Tue Mar 06)
E! Is ‘Happy’ with Ryan Seacrest’s Oscars Coverage Despite Relatively Quiet Red Carpet: Source People (Tue Mar 06)
Every Oscars best actor winner since 1927 Variety (Mon Mar 05)
Seth MacFarlane has one "big problem" with the Oscars, they pretty much ignore comedies: E! News (Mon Mar 05)
Who should host the 2019 Oscars? Entertainment Weekly (Mon Mar 05)
Oscars wins by studio — Fox Searchlight: 6 Warner Bros: 5 Focus Features: 3 Disney: 2 Sony Pictures Classics: 2 Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)
Christian Siriano Dressed 17 Stars at the Oscars: See All the Looks, from Statement Suits to Major Gowns People (Mon Mar 05)
A closer look at the Oscars ratings decline Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)
Oscars review: "How did Kimmel do overall? With the exception of the theater stunt and two unnecessary tossed-off… Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)
Oscars: The man who stole Frances McDormand's award was arrested by the LAPD Hollywood division and remains in jai… Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)
Jimmy Kimmel made his daughter "pancakes disguised as donuts" hours after hosting the Oscars because he really is… E! News (Mon Mar 05)
Oscars viewership — 2018: 26.5M 2017: 32.9M 2016: 34.4M 2015: 37.3M 2014: Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)
7 Moments That Defined The 2018 Oscars For Better Or For Worse MTV News (Mon Mar 05)
From Janet Gaynor to Frances McDormand, here's every Oscars best actress winner in history Variety (Mon Mar 05)
Oscars ratings hit a record low Entertainment Weekly (Mon Mar 05)
Oscars hits a ratings low: Last night's show was the least-watched ceremony in history Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)
Adam Rippon meets celebrity crush Shawn Mendes at Oscars party: 'I planted the seed' Entertainment Weekly (Mon Mar 05)
Oscars: Which film got the biggest snub? Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)
How did ShapeOfWater win Oscars Best Picture? "There is immense goodwill in the community towards the people resp… Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)
Every Oscars best picture winner: From Wings to Variety (Mon Mar 05)
Mindy Kaling Brought B.J. Novak as Her Date to an Oscars Party — and Fans Love Their Reunion! PeopleNow… People (Mon Mar 05)
Jodie Foster joked that Meryl Streep was the reason she was on crutches at the Oscars, but the real reason wasn't… E! News (Mon Mar 05)
Oscars: Inside last night's A-list events Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)
Anna Faris Congratulates Mom Costar Allison Janney on Oscars Win: 'I Got to Hold It!' People (Mon Mar 05)
Shop the Boldest Lipsticks from the 2018 Oscars Red Carpet and Afterparties People (Mon Mar 05)
DateNight: Newlyweds Emily Ratajkowski & Sebastian Bear-McClard Step Out at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party People (Mon Mar 05)
Conservative media attacks "phony," "divisive" Oscars broadcast Hollywood Reporter (Mon Mar 05)