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Harvey Levin
KIM KARDASHIAN: NEW PUPS LOOK LIKE MICRO POMS, BUT... Is this your kind of dog? Harvey Levin (Tue Jun 20)
CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER: NATURAL GAS LEAK MAKING MY FAMILY SICK Would you do the same if this happened to you? Harvey Levin (Tue Jun 20)
TIGER WOODS: I'M GETTING PROFESSIONAL HELP... FOR RX PILL ISSUES What do you think about this? Harvey Levin (Tue Jun 20)
CEELO GREEN: Crossing Guard's Tryout BRINGS EX-'VOICE' COACH TO HIS FEET!! How would you have reacted? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 19)
BEYONCE BIRTH: TWINS STILL IN THE HOSPITAL WITH 'MINOR ISSUE' What are your thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 19)
NICK GORDON: COPS ON BOBBI KRISTINA CASE Talk to His GF After Arrest Any thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Fri Jun 16)
'ALL EYEZ ON ME' STAR: Playing 'Pac Was Dope BUT I'M MOVING ON! Think he'll keep his word on only doing it once? Harvey Levin (Fri Jun 16)
NENE LEAKES: I'M BACK FOR SEASON 10 OF 'HOUSEWIVES' With One Catch... Any thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Thu Jun 15)
MAYWEATHER VS. MCGREGOR: IT'S OFFICIAL... 12 Rounds, Boxing Did you lose hope they'd sign? Harvey Levin (Thu Jun 15)
DON LEMON TO MEGYN KELLY: WHY PUT ALEX JONES ON THE AIR? His Whole Act Is Phony Do you agree/disagree with Lemon? Harvey Levin (Wed Jun 14)
CONGRESS BASEBALL SHOOTER: IS A TRUMP HATER... Called to 'Destroy' Him Any thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Wed Jun 14)
JFK DRUG BUST: I CAN'T FEEL MY ASS!! 27 lbs. of Blow Found in Woman's Wheelchair Have you seen more creative tries? Harvey Levin (Wed Jun 14)
REALITY WINNER: When CrossFit's Out... THE PRISON YARD WILL DO What do you think of her case and charges? Harvey Levin (Tue Jun 13)
STEPHEN BELAFONTE: JUDGE DENIES CHILD CUSTODY CHANGE... Paparazzi Not an Issue What are your thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Tue Jun 13)
CHRISTOPHER DARDEN: Baby Mama's Threatening My Life... 'I WILL GET YOU, BITCH!' What are your thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Tue Jun 13)
JAMES COMEY: TO SCORE BIG BUCKS AS SPEAKER But Pissing Off the Right Will Cost Him Do you think he'll give speeches? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 12)
ICE CUBE: BILL MAHER N-WORD May Have Something to do with Black GF's What is your opinion on the whole thing? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 12)
RYAN SEACREST: ALL WET & LOVING IT... Shayna Too Any thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 12)
DANA WHITE: BOOKS KENDRICK LAMAR... For Son's 16th Bday If you were a guest, would you have been excited? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 12)
NICK GORDON: FIRST COURT APPEARANCE After Allegedly Beating Up Girlfriend What are your thoughts on the allegations? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 12)
KRIS HUMPHRIES: $cores Lotsa Dough SELLS BEV HILLS PAD FOR $8.25 MIL! Do you want to move in too? Harvey Levin (Fri Jun 09)
KATHERINE JACKSON: RESURFACES AT MEL'S DINER... Side of Freedom, Please? What do you think she had to eat? Harvey Levin (Fri Jun 09)
DEMI LOVATO: NO 'MISERY BUSINESS' WHEN I GOT A MIC Is that a good recovery for a show? Harvey Levin (Thu Jun 08)
SELENA GOMEZ: BRALESS IN HER LBD Beware the Camera Flash If you knew a dress did this, would you wear it? Harvey Levin (Wed Jun 07)
MORGAN SPURLOCK: REALITY 'LEAKING' ISN'T TREASON... It Would Be a Great Doc! Do you agree or disagree with Morgan? Harvey Levin (Wed Jun 07)
MISCHA BARTON: BLOCKS EX FROM RELEASING SEX TAPE... One Down, One To Go What do you think of Mischa's words? Harvey Levin (Tue Jun 06)
DEREK FISHER: CRASHES CAR, ARRESTED FOR DUI... Video Shows Wreckage What do you think of the wreck? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 05)
CHARLIE SHEEN: I JUMPED ON NANNY TRAIN With My New GF!!! Are you motivated to apply for an open nanny position? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 05)
KELSEY GRAMMER: Chin Up, Kathy Griffin... FUNNY TRUMPS CONTROVERSY Do you agree or disagree with Kelsey? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 05)
BELLA: SHE MAKES US SUPER THORNY Would you wear this top? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 05)
BILL MAHER: REGRETS N-WORD JOKE... I Lost Sleep Over It What are your thoughts on Bill's joke? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 05)
NATALIE PORTMAN: SNAGS MODERN OASIS FOR A COOL $6.5 MIL!! Is this your kind of home or not? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 05)
ONE LOVE MANCHESTER: CONCERT RAISES $12 MIL AND COUNTING Did you anticipate this kind of turnout? Harvey Levin (Mon Jun 05)
BOOSIE BADAZZ: 'BIG ASS' DELTA CHICK Made Me Miss My Flight! What is your opinion on this? Harvey Levin (Wed May 31)
MIRANDA KERR: SINGS KARAOKE AT WEDDING... You're Still the One, Evan! Think you can do better? Harvey Levin (Tue May 30)
BIEBER TO SCHWARZENEGGER: YOU CRACK ME UP!!! Would you have expected fans to crowd him? Harvey Levin (Tue May 30)
YING YANG TWINS RAPPER: HELPED OFF STAGE... Appears Intoxicated Would you be upset with a show like this? Harvey Levin (Tue May 30)
THREE 6 MAFIA'S DJ PAUL: THREATENS DRIVE-BY SHOOTINGS What do you think of the threat? Harvey Levin (Tue May 30)
TIM MCGRAW: FEMALE FAN FALLS HARD AT CONCERT If you have to blame someone, whose fault is it? Harvey Levin (Tue May 30)
NICKI MINAJ: CLUBBIN' WITH BIRDMAN Meek Mill Looks On What are the odds that they both partied at the same club? Harvey Levin (Tue May 30)
TIGER WOODS: ASLEEP AT WHEEL FAILED FIELD SOBRIETY TEST What are your thoughts on Tiger's DUI arrest? Harvey Levin (Tue May 30)
IGGY AZALEA: DENIES DATING ODELL BECKHAM JR. 'I Don't Even Know Him' Does this put rumors to rest in your book? Harvey Levin (Fri May 26)
ROCKWELL: ARRESTED FOR HITTING STAFFER In Sandwich Throwdown Would you get arrested over a sandwich scuffle? Harvey Levin (Fri May 26)
MARK ZUCKERBERG: FINALLY GETS HARVARD DEGREE... James Earl Jones, Too! What do think about this degree? Harvey Levin (Fri May 26)
JAMIE FOXX: OPRAH SAVED ME FROM ALCOHOL What are your thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Thu May 25)
MELANIA TRUMP: OKAY, OKAY... I'LL DO IT FOR GOD Do you think something changed her outlook on hand holding? Harvey Levin (Thu May 25)
BARRY WHITE'S SON SUES: My Dad's Widow CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HIS DOUGH What are your thoughts on this lawsuit? Harvey Levin (Thu May 25)
SANDRA BULLOCK: STALKER GETS PROBATION But There's a Silver Lining for Her What are your thoughts on this case? Harvey Levin (Thu May 25)
ARIANA GRANDE: FLIGHT HOME NOT ON TAYLOR'S DIME Do you think Taylor would have done something like that? Harvey Levin (Wed May 24)
KIM AND KANYE: TOGETHER AGAIN AT DISNEYLAND!!! Would you be happy to see them at Disneyland? Harvey Levin (Tue May 23)
MICHELLE OBAMA: It's Not a Cold Shoulder IT'S A HOT ONE!!! What are your thoughts on their trip? Harvey Levin (Tue May 23)
SCOTT DISICK & BELLA THORNE: Anything Kourt Can Do WE CANNES DO BETTER! What are your thoughts on this pair? Harvey Levin (Tue May 23)
USHER: WE SEE YOU ROLLING AND WE AIN'T HATING! Do you have any skating moves up your sleeve? Harvey Levin (Mon May 22)
KANYE WEST: SWEATS IT OVER NEW ALBUM Are you excited for a potential album? Harvey Levin (Mon May 22)
STEPHEN COLBERT: Hey Donald, DON'T HURRY BACK What do you think of Colbert's words? Harvey Levin (Mon May 22)
STEVE HARVEY'S EX-WIFE: YOU MURDERED MY SOUL... Pay Me $60 MILLION! What are your thoughts on this suit? Harvey Levin (Fri May 19)
KYLIE JENNER: OBSESSED FAN CONFESSES TO MURDER What would you do if someone "obsessed" with you confessed to murder? Harvey Levin (Fri May 19)
ANGELINA JOLIE: SHOPPING SPREE WITH THE KIDS... Pax in 'Playboy' Mode What were you wearing at 13? Harvey Levin (Fri May 19)
AMBER ROSE: SOMEONE BROKE INTO MY HOUSE Stayed for Hours & Bolted! How would you react to this? Harvey Levin (Thu May 18)
ALAN THICKE: SONS GO TO WAR WITH HIS WIFE To Protect the Estate What do you think of what Alan left her with? Harvey Levin (Wed May 17)
CHRIS SOULES: ENTERS NOT GUILTY PLEA EARLY... To Avoid Court Spectacle What are your thoughts on this case? Harvey Levin (Wed May 17)
KHLOE KARDASHIAN: YEAH, THAT WAS A JOINT IN HER HAND... NBD for 'KUWTK' What are your thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Wed May 17)
DONALD TRUMP: I'M WITH ROSIE O'DONNELL! When it Comes to Comey What are your thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Fri May 12)
PHAEDRA PARKS: I WAS SET UP TO GET TAKEN OUT... Now I'm Being Harassed!! What do you think of these claims? Harvey Levin (Fri May 12)
JADA PINKETT SMITH: Goes After Photog... YOU SCRATCHED MY LUXURY RIDE! How would you react? Harvey Levin (Thu May 11)
ADELE: PHONY MANAGER BUSTED For Trying to Scam Kendrick What do you think of the scheme? Harvey Levin (Tue May 09)
PRINCE PRODUCER: I NEVER PROMISED TO KEEP QUIET About Unreleased Tracks Will Boxill get the suit thrown out? Harvey Levin (Tue May 09)
RICHARD SIMMONS: Sues the Nat'l Enquirer THE SEX CHANGE STORY WAS A MALICIOUS LIE Who do you think will win? Harvey Levin (Tue May 09)
DIDDY SUED BY CHEF: I HAD TO SERVE HIS POST-SEX MEALS... He Served Up His Junk What do you think of the claims? Harvey Levin (Tue May 09)
KRIS JENNER: YOU'RE GONNA FLIP Over My New Show with Scott!! Does your mom do deals with your ex like this? Harvey Levin (Mon May 08)
KARRUECHE TRAN: READY FOR COURTROOM FACE-OFF WITH CHRIS BROWN Over Death Threats What are your thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Mon May 08)
RYAN SEACREST: HE'S NOT SAYIN' NO To Hosting 'Idol' What do you think of his flight schedule? Harvey Levin (Mon May 08)
DONALD TRUMP'S STAR: GETS THE TOILET TREATMENT... Wanna 'Take a Trump?' Is this vandalism in your book? Harvey Levin (Mon May 08)
KRIS JENNER: Alleged Stalker Tried to PUNCH IN MY HOME SECURITY CODE! What would you do if you had a stalker? Harvey Levin (Fri May 05)
DRAKE & MEEK MILL: Sorry, Rick Ross... OUR BEEF'S STILL ON! Did you think they would get over it so easily? Harvey Levin (Fri May 05)
'VERSACE: AMERICAN CRIME STORY' TAKES OVER FAMED MIAMI MANSION What do you think of the budget for the mansion? Harvey Levin (Thu May 04)
MEAGAN GOOD: Obama Woulda Been Prez EVEN IF HIS WIFE WASN'T BLACK Do you think this had any impact on his election? Harvey Levin (Thu May 04)
BARACK OBAMA: PROPOSED TO ANOTHER WOMAN BEFORE MICHELLE New Book Claims What are your thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Wed May 03)
TRAVIS SCOTT SUED: YOU FORGOT TO PAY US OUR MILLIONS On Your Way Out the Door Who do you think would win the suit? Harvey Levin (Wed May 03)
ABC: Network Makes Move TO SNAG 'AMERICAN IDOL' Would you tune back in to American Idol? Harvey Levin (Wed May 03)
JEB BUSH: NO REGRETS What do you think of Jeb's comments? Harvey Levin (Wed May 03)
MARIAH CAREY & NICK CANNON: DROP FORTUNE ON TWINS' 6TH BDAY How did your 6th birthday compare? Harvey Levin (Tue May 02)
MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS SUED: 'THRIFT SHOP' BEAT IS GONNA COST YA... You Stole It From Me! Can you find the sample? Harvey Levin (Tue May 02)
KENDRICK LAMAR: TAKES OVER FOR THE WEEKND... On L.A. Riot's 25th Anniversary Did this make the show even better? Harvey Levin (Mon May 01)
YG: 'Meet the Flockers' Song INSPIRED L.A. BURGLARS TO HIT HOMES Do you think music played a role in this? Harvey Levin (Mon May 01)
DMX: CHECKS INTO REHAB What are you thoughts on this news? Harvey Levin (Mon May 01)
JOHN LEGEND: Running for Office? I'M NOT THAT GUY! What are your thoughts? Harvey Levin (Fri Apr 28)
J LO: OPENS CAN O' WHOOP ASS ON DUDE... For TV Show What are your thoughts? Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 27)
CAITLYN JENNER: DON'T KILL KENDALL FOR PEPSI DISASTER... She's Just a Model! Do you share Caitlyn's view on the ad? Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 27)
KATHERINE JACKSON: ELDER ABUSE CASE AGAINST TRENT THROWN OUT What are your thoughts on the matter? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 26)
SCOTT BAIO: THREATENED BY ERIN MORAN'S BROTHER... Takes Shot at 'Tiny' Junk What do you think of the Facebook post? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 26)
PACMAN JONES: NEW ARREST FOOTAGE RELEASED 'Keep Yelling and See What Happens' What are your thoughts on the footage? Harvey Levin (Tue Apr 25)
NICK CANNON: I SEE MARIAH EVERYDAY... DUH Is this just co-parenting or something more? Harvey Levin (Mon Apr 24)
BILL CLINTON: Trolls Trump... I WAS BUGGED TOO, DONALD! Think there will be any twitter exchanges between the two? Harvey Levin (Mon Apr 24)
DONALD TRUMP: WALK OF FAME STAR VANDALIZED AGAIN... 'F' Marks the Spot What do you think of this? Harvey Levin (Mon Apr 24)
RONDA ROUSEY: ENGAGED TO TRAVIS BROWNE... We're Getting Married! Will your proposal be as romantic as theirs? Harvey Levin (Fri Apr 21)
STEPHEN BELAFONTE: MY KIDS MISS ME BADLY Thanks to Mel B What are your thoughts on this? Harvey Levin (Fri Apr 21)
HEATHER LOCKLEAR: One BIG Reason Why CHICKS DIG SPADE If she's being honest, should David be proud? Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 20)
J LO & A-ROD: SHACK UP IN SAME BEACH COMMUNITY Where Marc Anthony Lives Does this strike you as odd? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 19)
FACEBOOK KILLER: COMMITS SUICIDE Body Found in His Car Story developing... Thoughts? Harvey Levin (Tue Apr 18)
EL CHAPO: NO MAS RHINO! Demands Prison TV Change What do you think of Chapo's exercise conditions? Harvey Levin (Tue Apr 18)
SAM HUNT: I'M GETTING HITCHED SATURDAY!!! What are your thoughts on small weddings like this? Harvey Levin (Fri Apr 14)
BOOSIE BADAZZ: COPS STOLE $1 MIL OF MY ICE And Pepper Sprayed Me! He was pepper-sprayed, but thoughts on the ice? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 12)
KENDALL JENNER: Cops Called to House... DON'T FLY THAT DRONE HERE, BRO! Her security acting reasonable or obnoxious? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 12)
RIC FLAIR: Video Shows WWE Legend TRASHING BARTENDER What are your thoughts on Ric's behavior? Harvey Levin (Tue Apr 11)
TAYLOR SWIFT: BEV HILLS MANSION A HISTORIC LANDMARK Hold The Nail & Hammer!!! Would you buy? Harvey Levin (Mon Apr 10)
CHIEF KEEF: CHARGED WITH DUI After Miami Weed Bust What do you think of the mugshot? Harvey Levin (Mon Apr 10)
KARRUECHE TRAN: SKIRTS AWAY WITH QUAVO... SOLO Is a new romance budding? Harvey Levin (Mon Apr 10)
BRITNEY SPEARS: OOPS, I DELAYED AN ISRAELI ELECTION Is that something to proud of, laugh about, or both? Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 06)
RICK ROSS: GETS SWEET PLEA DEAL IN KIDNAPPING CASE Could it have gotten any better? Should it have been harsher? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 05)
KENDALL JENNER: BACKLASH BEGINS Over Pepsi Protest Ad Are people overreacting or is it really mocking movements? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 05)
KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Hey Scott... HERE'S WHAT YOU'RE MISSING!! What is Scott thinking? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 05)
ARTIE LANGE: GETS BIG BREAK IN WEIRD DRUG CASE Why do you think prosecutors went for a lesser charge? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 05)
CHRISSY TEIGEN: I WANT TRUMP OUT Pence Would Be Better Do you agree with with Chrissy? Harvey Levin (Fri Mar 24)
TYRA BANKS: DIVA WARNINGS GO UP AT 'AGT' AND SO FAR... Were you aware of Tyra's alleged "diva" reputation? Harvey Levin (Fri Mar 17)
KATHERINE JACKSON: MY NEPHEW SET UP HIDDEN CAMERAS ... I Get Dressed in a Closet! What is Lamar's side in this? Harvey Levin (Thu Mar 02)
AMAR'E STOUDEMIRE APOLOGIZES: GAY COMMENTS SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE Do you believe he's being sincere? Harvey Levin (Thu Mar 02)
Kanye West Now Anti-Trump, Deletes All Trump Tweets Tell us what you think! Harvey Levin (Mon Feb 06)
The Game Cops Plea Deal for Punching Cop What do you think of the deal? Harvey Levin (Mon Feb 06)
Donald Trump I’ve 86’d Black History Month It’s Now African American History Month How do you guys feel about this? Harvey Levin (Thu Feb 02)
Tomi Lahren Says "Intolerant Left" Tried to Beat Her Ass at Trump's Inauguration Do you agree with Tomi? Harvey Levin (Mon Jan 23)
Donald Trump Inauguration Compared To Other D.C. Crowds Click to take a look and judge for yourself! Harvey Levin (Mon Jan 23)
'A Dog's Purpose' Video Shows Terrified German Shepherd Forced to Film Click for the disturbing footage. Harvey Levin (Wed Jan 18)
Axl Rose Flips the Switch into AC/DC Mode! What AC/DC song would you like to see Axl Rose perform the most? Harvey Levin (Tue Apr 26)
YG: Secret Service Is On My Ass Over Trump!!! What do you think of what YG says is the real message behind the song? Harvey Levin (Tue Apr 26)
Chyna -- Plan In The Works To Donate Brain To Science Thoughts? Check out who would be carrying out the brain study! Harvey Levin (Tue Apr 26)
Billy Dee Williams Saddles Up Again To Pimp Colt 45 What do you think of Billy's face on the Colt 45 can? Harvey Levin (Tue Apr 26)
Nick & Vanessa Lachey: Buy Our Encino Crib For a Cool $4M Check out the pics…think they could get more $$? Harvey Levin (Tue Apr 26)
Jay Z Is a Puff Daddy, Smoking Cigars Through the Becky Buzz Should Jay be more concerned? Harvey Levin (Wed Apr 27)
'Gigolos' Star: Million Dollar Junk! With Papers to Prove It Think this is a good investment for Nick Hawk? Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 28)
Don Cheadle and Girlfriend: Our Remodeled Eco-Friendly Crib...Yours For $2.45M! Check out the Venice home…cool? Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 28)
Kesha: Finally, New Music Dropping ... with Sony's Approval Excited for Kesha's collab with Zedd dropping tomorrow? Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 28)
Manny Pacquaio Targeted by Terrorists By the group Abu Sayyaf, so says Philippines prez … share your thoughts Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 28)
Lil Wayne Shows NO 'Respek' Posing with Birdman's Foes! Think this is Wayne throwing shade at Birdman? Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 28)
Daphne Joy: Wet in Miami BF Jason wasn’t at the beach, but he was nearby … who looked better? Harvey Levin (Thu Apr 28)
Charlie Sheen: Ex-Wives Powwow for More Child Support...Kids at Risk Think his Exes teaming up will hurt Charlie? Harvey Levin (Fri Apr 29)
Taylor Swift's Run-In with John Mayer at Gigi Hadid's Birthday Party Think there will be a song about this soon?! Harvey Levin (Fri Apr 29)
Ellie Goulding Catches Rays On South Beach After Beyonce Concert These pics make you have Ellie on your mind? Harvey Levin (Fri Apr 29)
Former 'Baywatch' Star Angelica Bridges Hasn't Aged a Bit! Check out her swimsuit photo shoot… sheer greatness?! Harvey Levin (Fri Apr 29)
Starbucks Sued: Easy On the Ice!! And Pay Us $5 Million Could too much ice really be worth $5 million in damages?! Harvey Levin (Mon May 02)
N.W.A. Banned from 'Express Yourself' at H.O.F...Says Funk Legend Charles Wright Should NWA have to pay Wright more? Harvey Levin (Mon May 02)
Snoop Dogg Joins Sam Hunt At Stagecoach Thoughts on this country/hip-hop combo? Harvey Levin (Mon May 02)
'Star Wars: Episode 8' Say Hello To The Millennium Falcon Check out the Stellar pics…more excited for the movie now? Harvey Levin (Mon May 02)
Prez Obama: Slays at White House Correspondents' Dinner Did Obama literally and figuratively drop the mic? Harvey Levin (Mon May 02)
Kylie Jenner: Re-Enters Tattoo Danger Zone Think she’ll get in trouble for doing this again? Harvey Levin (Mon May 02)
Chyna: Suicide Unlikely ... Full Pill Bottles Found at Death Scene Cause of death still unknown…share your thoughts Harvey Levin (Mon May 02)
Oscar De La Hoya--Praised Trump as 'Great Golfer'..Smoking Gun Video Does this foil Oscar’s claim that Trump cheats? Harvey Levin (Fri May 06)
Mariah Carey Star of Million Dollar Bat Mitzvah Watch as Mimi celebrates her manager’s daughter at an insane party! Harvey Levin (Mon May 09)
Kate Hudson, Nothing Compares to Her Singing 'Nothing Compares' Seriously though...how good of a singer is Kate?! Harvey Levin (Mon May 09)
Kim Kardashian -- In Major Treble for Mother's Day Check out the orchestra Kanye got for Kim... Brownie points? Harvey Levin (Mon May 09)