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Mac Miller's Death Was Breaking Point For Pete and Ariana. Also, Kanye & Kim's Pleasure Trip. It's What's Happening… TMZ Sports (Mon Oct 15)
Deion Sanders is clearly as good with the coaching headset as he was at cornerback. TMZ Sports (Sun Oct 14)
Luke Rockhold said rematches usually only happen when fights are close! TMZ Sports (Sun Oct 14)
The men responsible for "Malice at the Palace" compare it to the UFC 229 brawl. TMZ Sports (Sat Oct 13)
Ever wonder how Mike Vick woulda lived if he never got tossed behind bars for dog fighting? TMZ Sports (Sat Oct 13)
Vladimir Putin Congratulates Khabib On 'Worthy' Victory Over Conor McGregor TMZ Sports (Wed Oct 10)
Randy Couture Tells Daniel Cormier the Key to Beating Derrick Lewis TMZ Sports (Wed Oct 10)
Reggie Jackson, I Love Red Sox Fans Even After They Said I Suck! TMZ Sports (Tue Oct 09)
Deontay Wilder Says He Could Make $100 Million For Tyson Fury Fight TMZ Sports (Mon Oct 08)
Conor McGregor Cracked In Face In Octagon Brawl, New Footage TMZ Sports (Mon Oct 08)
Pro tricker Bailey Payne shows us his insane parkour moves he's known for. TMZ Sports (Sun Oct 07)
Ex-head coach of the Rams, Dick Vermeil, says this year's team is better and more TMZ Sports (Sun Oct 07)
Fans started fighting after the post-fight explosion at Khabib/McGregor UFC 229 event. TMZ Sports (Sun Oct 07)
TMZ NEWSROOM Stories - how we break the biggest stories in sports? Hit up the premiere episode about ConorMcGregor… TMZ Sports (Sun Oct 07)
UFC's Michael Johnson Wants Khabib Rematch, Revenge For 2016 Mauling TMZ Sports (Sun Oct 07)
Jake Paul Calls Out Dana White, Logan Would Murder CM Punk in UFC TMZ Sports (Sun Oct 07)
Tre'Davious White's Mom Arrested, Allegedly Stabbed Man In Chest TMZ Sports (Sat Oct 06)
In case you were wondering whose side Drake's on for Conor vs. Khabib ... this video should clear it TMZ Sports (Sat Oct 06)
Suspects who have been raiding the homes of celebrities in L.A. had a list of stars including LeBron James, Viola D… TMZ Sports (Wed Oct 03)
Earl Thomas Will Regret Flipping Off Seattle Sideline, Says Ex-Teammate TMZ Sports (Tue Oct 02)
Pacman Jones Airport Attacker Sentenced to 1 Year In Jail TMZ Sports (Tue Oct 02)
Dorial Green-Beckham Gets Off Easy In DWI Case, Judge Says 'We're All Pulling For You' TMZ Sports (Mon Oct 01)
Landon Donovan Gunning to Bring MLS Team to San TMZ Sports (Mon Oct 01)
Kanye West Says He Called Colin Kaepernick to Arrange White House Visit TMZ Sports (Mon Oct 01)
Chicago Bears Throw a Locker Room Disco Ball Party After Destroying Bucs TMZ Sports (Mon Oct 01)
If Conor or Khabib can't make UFC 229 ... Brian Ortega says he's down to step in and kick some TMZ Sports (Mon Oct 01)
Neil deGrasse Tyson says LBJ's got five more years left in the TMZ Sports (Mon Oct 01)
Dana White On Nate Diaz's Push for 165 Lbs Division, 'It's Nutty As Hell' TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 30)
Will Smith's helicopter bungee jump prep included a stunt double, dummy and elite TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 30)
Bengals star Tyler Eifert broke his ankle in a gruesome fashion during Sunday's game against the TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 30)
Honey Boo Boo smacks a wrestler at Georgia State Fair during wrestling match. TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 30)
Cops have made an arrest in the shooting death of 20-year-old LSU basketball player Wayde TMZ Sports (Sat Sep 29)
Mark Jackson believes the good coaching force is strong with Luke Walton. TMZ Sports (Sat Sep 29)
Daniel Cormier Slams Jon Jones, You're a Coked Out Snitch! TMZ Sports (Fri Sep 28)
Khabib Will End Conor McGregor's Life In 2nd Round, Says Fabricio Werdum TMZ Sports (Wed Sep 26)
Michael Rapaport Sues Barstool Sports, I Don't Have Herpes!! TMZ Sports (Tue Sep 25)
Gordon Hayward Admits He Wanted A Baby Boy, I'm Desperate!! TMZ Sports (Tue Sep 25)
Kanye West Gets Offer From Quentin Richardson To Help In Chicago TMZ Sports (Mon Sep 24)
Logan Paul didn't say no to Sage Northcutt's TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 23)
RZA goes to bat for Adam Levine -- he loves the TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 23)
Kanye West and Saint throw out the first pitch at the Cubs-White Sox TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 23)
An intruder showed up at the home of L.A. Dodgers Star Yasiel Puig after the 4th TMZ Sports (Sat Sep 22)
Baker Mayfield's High School Coach, 'I'm Not Surprised!' TMZ Sports (Fri Sep 21)
Jason Momoa's putting his money on The Rock ... for PRESIDENT! Catch TMZSports on @FS1TONIGHT at 12:30a ET / 9:30p… TMZ Sports (Thu Sep 20)
Jameis Winston Is Being Sued By Uber Driver He Allegedly Groped TMZ Sports (Tue Sep 18)
'Shark Tank' Star Rips Patriots After Loss, 'We Can't Watch That Sh*t Anymore!' TMZ Sports (Tue Sep 18)
What will happen to Josh Gordon's number 12 tattoo?! Should he change it? Catch TMZSports on @FS1 TONIGHT at 12a E… TMZ Sports (Tue Sep 18)
Canelo Alvarez Hit Vegas Nightclub After GGG Victory TMZ Sports (Mon Sep 17)
Porn star Kiara Mia isn't bailing on 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo after one bad game, because she says he "radiates gre… TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 16)
Oscar De La Hoya says his life was threatened after last GGG/Canelo TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 16)
ad The rematch everyone has been waiting for is finally here. The bad blood between @Canelo and @GGGBoxing will be… TMZ Sports (Sat Sep 15)
Did Adrien Broner terrorize his Uber driver? He's now paying the price. Catch TMZSports on @FS1 TONIGHT at 12:30a… TMZ Sports (Sat Sep 15)
Tyron Woodley Drops Rap Single with Wiz Khalifa, 'I'll Beat Yo Ass!' @TWooodley TMZ Sports (Fri Sep 14)
NFL's Stefon Diggs Buys Venti Starbucks Diamond Chain, We're Open All Day! TMZ Sports (Thu Sep 13)
Jesse Jackson Says Nobody Hated Tim Tebow for Taking Knee, So Why Kaepernick? TMZ Sports (Thu Sep 13)
ad The boxing rematch we’ve all been waiting for goes down Saturday… see which side celebs are taking. Don’t miss… TMZ Sports (Thu Sep 13)
Bengals' Dre Kirkpatrick In Rap Dance Party at Nursing Home!!! TMZ Sports (Thu Sep 13)
ad This time they’re not leaving it to the judges. Pick your side and help @Canelo or @GGGBoxing win the middlewei… TMZ Sports (Thu Sep 13)
Racist Serena Cartoon, Newspaper Doubles Down and Attacks 'PC' Critics TMZ Sports (Wed Sep 12)
UFC's Michael Chiesa is the 1st to sue Conor McGregor in that bus attack and claims he's traumatized. Can you be t… TMZ Sports (Wed Sep 12)
Frank Gore's Son Gets Major College Offer, I'm Better Than My Dad! TMZ Sports (Wed Sep 12)
Conor McGregor Sued By UFC's Michael Chiesa Over Barclay's Bus Attack TMZ Sports (Tue Sep 11)
President Oscar De La Hoya? Don't laugh, he's pretty serious about it. Catch him on TMZSports on @FS1 TONIGHT at 1… TMZ Sports (Tue Sep 11)
Wanna know how to help fix the San Francisco 49ers' passing attack?? Jerry Rice says sign Dez Bryant. Catch… TMZ Sports (Tue Sep 11)
Danica Patrick Praises Aaron Rodgers' One-Legged Win, 'Unreal Baby!' TMZ Sports (Mon Sep 10)
Lamar Jackson made sure he'd never forget his Heisman Trophy moment with his new diamond TMZ Sports (Sun Sep 09)
NBA's Alex Len -- Wrecks BMW In Brutal Crash (Photo) TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
MC Hammer -- Rides Fire Breathing Snail ... At Golden State Warriors Parade TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
MLB Star David Price -- Pablo Sandoval Screwed Up ... Poop Smarter, Homie TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Wade Boggs -- Wanna Drink 100 Beers In 24 Hrs? Here's How ... TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Rap Star O.T. Genasis -- Offers Coco-Concert ... For Golden State Warriors TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Rick Ross -- Bob Kraft's My Homeboy 'Super Cool Dude' TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Marc Maron -- Selfie With Obama ... In His Garage TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Doc Rivers -- I'm Cool with Shelly Sterling ... Despite Racist Husband TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Eli ManningLet's Talk Body Hair Shave or Not to Shave? TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Andre Drummond -- I Fear Michael Jordan ... In 1-On-1 Game TMZ Sports (Sat Jun 20)
Draya Michele -- ENGAGED TO NFL STAR ... 1 Month After Breakup TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Lance Stephenson -- I'm Cool with Michael Jordan ... No Bad Blood TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
J.R. Smith -- Scooter Frenzy ... NBA Exposure Created Bigger Boom Than Bieber TMZ Sports (Sat Jun 20)
Herschel Walker -- Considering MMA Fight... At 53 Years Old TMZ Sports (Sat Jun 20)
A-Rod Baseball -- Yankees Offer King's Ransom ... Says Guy Who Caught It TMZ Sports (Sun Jun 21)
NFL's Asante Samuel -- Starts Rap Label ... I'm Learning From Jay Z TMZ Sports (Sun Jun 21)
John Daly -- Teenage Golfer Has Inspired Me ... To Get Off My Ass And Play TMZ Sports (Sun Jun 21)
Rob Gronkowski -- All I Want to Do is Dance (VIDEO) TMZ Sports (Sun Jun 21)
Floyd Mayweather -- Billionaire Battle Over $3.8 Mil Ferrari TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 22)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic -- FIFA Scandal Ain't My Problem ... I Just Play TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 22)
NFL's DeMarco Murray -- I Got Married ... And My Wife's Preggo!!! TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 22)
Klay Thompson -- Underwater Twerk Fest ... At Vegas Pool Rager TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 22)
'Blind Side' Star to Michael Oher -- Stop Complaining About Movie ... You're Rich, Famous, Loved TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 22)
Michael Sam -- CFL Squad Will Welcome Him Back to the Team ... If He Wants TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Diddy -- Told UCLA Coach 'I'm Gonna F**k You Up' TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Metta World Peace to Diddy -- Aggressive Coaches Are Good for Your Kids TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Diddy to Coach -- You Called Me Out, Bitch! TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Diddy Arrested After Fight with UCLA Football Coach TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
NASCAR -- Confederate Flag Can't Ride With Us ... We Banned It A Long Time Ago TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Diddy -- Felony Terrorist Threats ... In UCLA Fight Case TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Diddy's Son Justin Combs -- Thanks for Fighting for Me TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
MLB Star David Price -- Pablo Sandoval Screwed Up... Poop Smarter, Homie TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Diddy -- UCLA Coach Returns to Practice ... No Yelling, No Problem TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic -- FIFA Scandal Ain't My Problem ... I Just Play TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Soccer Superstar Paul Pogba -- Ugly Shirt ... Or Euro Flair? TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 23)
Laura Govan -- Gilbert Arenas Is Out ... Bring On the Sexy Men! TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Julia Roberts -- American Sweetheart ... Meets American Pharoah TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Lil Wayne -- 'Lakers Fan Til I Die' TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Metta World Peace -- LeBron Shoulda Passed More!!! TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 19)
Arsenal's Mesut Ozil -- I'm Huge In Hollywood ... Just Ask These Blondes! TMZ Sports (Thu Jun 18)
Jeb Bush -- I Ain't Got Time for Baseball... I'm Runnin' for Prez! TMZ Sports (Thu Jun 18)
Gilbert Arenas -- Smashes Car With Cinder Block ... To Get Revenge On Baby Mama TMZ Sports (Thu Jun 18)
Rick Ross -- Bob Kraft's My Homeboy ... 'Super Cool Dude' TMZ Sports (Thu Jun 18)
NBA's John Wall -- I've Played with Bieber & Obama ... Guess Who's Better? TMZ Sports (Thu Jun 18)
Chicago Blackhawks -- Still Partying ... We're the Kings of Chi-Town! (VIDEO) TMZ Sports (Thu Jun 18)
NBA's John Wall -- I've Played with Bieber & Obama ... Guess Who's Better? TMZ Sports (Thu Jun 18)
'Orange is the New Black' Star Ruby Rose -- Girl-On-Girl Beatdown (Video) TMZ Sports (Thu Jun 18)
Lil Wayne -- 'Lakers Fan Til I Die' (Video) TMZ Sports (Wed Jun 17)
Peyton Manning -- Calls In 1st Strings ... For Orchestra Debut TMZ Sports (Wed Jun 17)
Dale Earnhardt Jr. -- Lures New Crew Chief Amy Reimann ... with Giant Diamond Ring!! TMZ Sports (Wed Jun 17)
MC Hammer -- CAN'T TOUCH US ... Rages with NBA Champs! TMZ Sports (Wed Jun 17)
'78 Triple Crown Trophy -- Got a Million Bucks? ... Rare Cartier Prize For Sale TMZ Sports (Wed Jun 17)
Laura Govan -- Gilbert Arenas Is Out ... Bring On the Sexy Men! TMZ Sports (Wed Jun 17)
Tom Brady -- Loses MVP Trophy ... for Dancing (TMZ TV) TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 16)
Dusty Rhodes 911 -- Panicked Wife Begs for Help ... Operator Sounds Annoyed TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 16)
Ex-NBA Ref Tim Donaghy -- Joining White Prison Gang Saved My Life TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 16)
Terrell Owens -- ENDORSING TRUMP ... 'You're Hired!' TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 16)
Terrell Owns -- ENDORSING TRUMP ... 'You're Hired!' TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 16)
Triple G -- I Would Destroy Floyd Mayweather TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 16)
Lamar Odom -- Kardashians Worried Best Friends OD Could Trigger Drug Binge TMZ Sports (Tue Jun 16)
Dr. Drew -- Dwight Howard's Baby Mama Has a Point TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -- Just Like Rachel Dolezal ... I've Been Living a Lie TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Rihanna -- Pulls Hat Trick with Karim Benzema ... 3rd Late Night Together TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Ex-Boxing Champ Arrested -- Allegedly Tried to Join ISIS TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
David Stern -- NBA Rookies Aren't Stupid With Their Money ... Anymore TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Floyd Mayweather -- Bikini Spelling Debacle ... At Dallas Nightclub TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Aaron Hernandez -- Fights Murder Conviction ... Lying Juror Had It Out for Me TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Drake -- Epic Backyard Foam Party ... With Kanye, Game, NBA Stars TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Jameis Winston -- 86'd from Bar Over Wardrobe ... 'Welcome to Return with Pants' TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Reggie Bush -- Parallel Life With Kim Kardashian TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Boxer Andre Berto -- Floyd Flosses Too Hard ... You Don't Need Those Cars, Bro TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Tom Brady -- White Man Hip-Hop Dancing ... At Super Bowl Ring Party TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Triple G on Fighting Oscar De La Hoya -- 'Stranger Things Have Happened' TMZ Sports (Mon Jun 15)
Arnold Schwarzenegger -- I'm a Pauper Compared to Sylvester Stallone (VIDEO) TMZ Sports (Sun Jun 14)
Hope Solo -- Nike Sticking By Goalie ... Despite New Allegations TMZ Sports (Sun Jun 14)
Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) -- My Family Is Extremely Sad ... My Dad Was My Hero TMZ Sports (Sat Jun 13)
The Game on LeBron's Penis -- 'You Gotta Get Right!' TMZ Sports (Sat Jun 13)
Roddy Piper -- Best Memory of Dusty Rhodes ... Donkey Smugglin'! TMZ Sports (Sat Jun 13)
Dusty Rhodes Dead -- WWE Legend Passed Away at 69 TMZ Sports (Sat Jun 13)
American Pharoah -- His Semen's Worth a FORTUNE ... Says Bob Baffert TMZ Sports (Sat Jun 13)
Stephen A. Smith -- Apologizing to Women ... Again TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 12)
Stephen A. Smith -- Apologizing to Women ... Again TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 12)
Rihanna -- Pulls Hat Trick with Karim Benzema ... 3rd Late Night Together TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 12)
Roddy Piper -- Best Memory of Dusty Rhodes ... Donkey Smugglin'! TMZ Sports (Fri Jun 12)