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Is this magic between Kiernan Shipka and Gary Oldman's son Charlie Oldman? E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Jung Joon-Young has been arrested following allegations that he taped and shared sexually explicit videos of women… E! News (Thu Mar 21)
TheVoice's Janice Freeman cause of death has been revealed. ? E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Guess who's collabing for a YouTube video... E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Kylie Jenner is "over" the drama with Jordyn Woods and believes they "said what needed to be said and now there's n… E! News (Thu Mar 21)
When Justin Bieber and his new home with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a breakfast bar, wine cellar and screening… E! News (Thu Mar 21)
John Travolta's daughter is all grown up! E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Oh schitt! After its upcoming sixth season, Schitt's Creek is coming to an end. E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Congratulations are in order for Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams. ?? E! News (Thu Mar 21)
In our own game of MarchMadness we have the final two couples you've voted into the last round: Tim McGraw & Faith… E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Not a self-made billionaire? Kylie's got words for that. "I used 100% of my own money to start the company, not a d… E! News (Thu Mar 21)
"I think the fun outweighs the scary." - Jordan Peele E! News (Thu Mar 21)
?c?a?b?s? ?a?r?e? ?h?e?r?e? Our exclusive is here! E! News (Thu Mar 21)
RHONY's Ramona Singer apologized for her "thoughtless comments" about Bethenny Frankel's late boyfriend Dennis Shi… E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Life is like a box of chocolates and now we know exactly what we would have got in a Forrest Gump sequel. E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Orlando Bloom's bachelor pad is now for sale so... does anyone have $8.9 million to spare? E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Days pass in the color red. We get blue & listen to old songs instead. Are her IGs signs of TS7 or not? Any & all… E! News (Thu Mar 21)
We've done 3 reps of 10 times watching this. Time to eat a carb. Thanks for the ThursdayMotivation… E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are taking their date nights to the next level: by bringing family.… E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Nikki Bella Admits Seeing John Cena Move on Will "Kill" Her as She Returns to Napa Post-Breakup E! News (Thu Mar 21)
TeenMom's Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra's "rainbow after the storm" is already one month old. ??… E! News (Wed Mar 20)
Coachella Accessories to Absolutely Nail Your 2019 Festival Weekend E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Lori Loughlin, Jussie Smollett and More: When Real-Life Drama Brings the On-Screen Fun to a Screeching Halt E! News (Thu Mar 21)
Jenny McCarthy is opening up about the "war" that went down between TheView co-hosts Barbara Walters and Whoopi Go… E! News (Wed Mar 20)
Kylie Jenner's latest photo just gave Travis Scott goosebumps. E! News (Wed Mar 20)
Head back to 1969 and watch OnceUponaTimeinHollywood's first trailer: E! News (Wed Mar 20)
!!!!! E! News (Wed Mar 20)
Must-Have Festival Trends for Coachella and Lollapalooza 2019 E! News (Wed Mar 20)
Dr. Drew Returns to His Loveline Roots on Just the Sip E! News (Wed Mar 20)
Big Brother's Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson Welcome Their First Child--Find Out Her Sweet Name! E! News (Wed Mar 20)
We love you, ThisIsUs and Randall Pearson, but this is ridiculous. E! News (Wed Mar 20)
Despite busy schedules and lives, Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra are "still very close friends."… E! News (Wed Mar 20)
YouTube is wildly popular for entertainment but holds some incredibly dark scandals. Example: then-19-year-old Mona… E! News (Wed Mar 20)
BachelorNation's JoJo Fletcher is opening up about her relationship with Jordan and feelings from the show.… E! News (Tue Mar 19)
thank u, next toUR OUTFIT BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM ALL. E! News (Tue Mar 19)
"My Fizzy, my baby sister, my best friend. I’m incomplete without you, I’m empty. I can’t picture my life without y… E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Blonde hair, don't care. E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Kyle Massey is calling the allegations that he attempted to commit a lewd act with a minor "baseless."… E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Hannah Brown's men on TheBachelorette have been announced and we kindly did all the Instagram stalking for you. E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Lil Xan's fiancée is taking a stand agains the social media hate she's been receiving: "I'm his soon to be wife, wh… E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Kate Middleton and the Queen had their first-ever joint public engagement outside of palace walls and grounds:… E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Paris Jackson slammed reports that she fell asleep at the wheel: "This past week it's been nonstop bulls--t i'm so… E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Wendy Williams revealed that she's been living in a sober house: "You know I've had a struggle with cocaine in my p… E! News (Tue Mar 19)
The full ToyStory4 trailer is here and it just took us to infinity and beyond: E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Nickelodeon's Nick Merico left the AmericanIdol judges speechless after his audition. E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Scammers, Bullies and an Actual Dead Body: Inside the 15 Darkest Moments in YouTube History E! News (Tue Mar 19)
“Jess-tation” - Jessica Simpson E! News (Tue Mar 19)
This photo is ICONIC, and now Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o are actually collabing. E! News (Tue Mar 19)
Mama June has been arrested for possession of a controlled substance after she had a domestic incident with boyfrie… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
When it's finally above 70 degrees. E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Despite the infamous book Behind the Bell, Mark-Paul Gosselaar would work with Dustin Diamond again.… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
YouTuber Shane Dawson is speaking out and apologizing for controversial comments he made years ago about his cat:… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Amy Schumer revealed that her husband Chris is on the autism spectrum: "All of the characteristics that make it cle… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
After feud rumors, separate offices and homes in different parts of the country, Prince Harry and Prince William's… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Dax Shepard opened up about parenting, sex, and the talk: "I am anti having sex to get someone to like you or to ga… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Former Disney Channel star Kyle Massey has been sued for $1.5 million for allegedly "attempting to commit a lewd ac… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Lori Loughlin joked about paying for Olivia Jade's education in a resurfaced video: E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Kat Von D is setting the records straight on rumors that she is an anti-vaxxer or anti-semitic:… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
The face Cole Sprouse makes when someone calls him by his twin's name...Catch this all unfold on the full episode o… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
90 Day Fiance's Evelyn Cormier took Katy Perry's breath away during her AmericanIdol audition.… E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Ariana Grande has updated her Pete Davidson "always" tattoo because she's "evolvin.'" E! News (Mon Mar 18)
90 Day Fiancé Star Evelyn Takes Katy Perry's Breath Away During American Idol Audition E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Firing Spree or Hiring Spree? Watch Kristin Cavallari Give [Spoiler!] Her Job Back on Very Cavallari E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Nikki Bella Is Ready to Make Herstory at Evolution, But Is Brie Already "Checked Out"? E! News (Mon Mar 18)
Louis Tomlinson's sisters are mourning their older sister Félicité after she passed away at 18: "You and mama will… E! News (Sun Mar 17)
For no particular reason at all (?), Rob Lowe wants everyone to know how proud he is of his sons for graduating fro… E! News (Sat Mar 16)
The Luck of the Irish Cast: Where Are They Now This St. Patrick's Day? E! News (Sun Mar 17)
Are you asking us what we're Craving(s)? E! News (Sat Mar 16)
Why Fans Think Rob Kardashian Is Ready to Return to the Public Eye E! News (Sun Mar 17)
Former Disney Channel star Kyle Massey has been sued for $1.5 million for allegedly "attempting to commit a lewd ac… E! News (Sun Mar 17)
LoveIsland's Mike Thalassitis has passed away at 26. ? E! News (Sat Mar 16)
So has TheBachelor's Colton Underwood gotten "giggity" yet? Wells Adams thinks so. E! News (Sat Mar 16)
As if we needed another reason to look up to April the Giraffe. ? E! News (Sat Mar 16)
There's a psychological reason why people are sticking behind R. Kelly and Michael Jackson despite allegations of s… E! News (Sat Mar 16)
Mama June thinks she's pregnant again, honey boo boo child! E! News (Sat Mar 16)
Feeling Lucky? Which Festive Film Are You Watching This St. Patrick's Day? E! News (Sat Mar 16)
If it were up to Lifetime, You never would have gotten a second season. E! News (Sat Mar 16)
Four of the six episodes in GameOfThrones' final season are an hour and 18 minutes or longer:… E! News (Sat Mar 16)
10 years ago, we watched Jason Mesnick break up with then-fiancé Melissa Rycroft because he couldn't stop thinking… E! News (Sat Mar 16)
Depression, Exhaustion, Injuries and Unthinkable Pressure: Inside the Latest Tragic Athlete Deaths E! News (Sat Mar 16)
THIS is the Four Weddings and a Funeral plot twist we needed. E! News (Sat Mar 16)
"Hey Jen! Can we raise our imaginary babies together?" - Reese Witherspoon E! News (Sat Mar 16)
ARRESTED??? E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Lori Loughlin and her family are reeling in the wake of the college admission scandal and living in what "feels lik… E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Remember that scene in TheBachelor trailer where Colton was holding a ring? Yeah, they filmed that solely to throw… E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Chris Pratt had the time of his live at the iHeartAwards2019: E! News (Fri Mar 15)
James Gunn has been rehired as director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Felicity Huffman has deleted her social media accounts following the college admissions scandal:… E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Cole Sprouse described the most romantic gesture he did for Lili Reinhart: "We drove to this location deep into Can… E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Best Swimsuits to Flatter Every Figure E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson Turns to Tyler Henry for Clarity About His Great-Grandfather's "Sketchy" Past E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Rest in peace to Johannah and Fizzy. We're thinking of Louis Tomlinson and his family. E! News (Fri Mar 15)
This is random, but do Katy Perry and Left Shark still keep in touch? Asking for a friend. iHeartAwards2019… E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Louis Tomlinson had to mourn his mom's death just two years ago. And now he has lost his little sister Fizzy. ?… E! News (Fri Mar 15)
Rest in peace, Fizzy. ? E! News (Thu Mar 14)
So it turns out David Schwimmer actually really disliked Marcel the monkey from Friends: E! News (Thu Mar 14)
At the iHeartAwards five years ago: - Ariana Grande attended for the first time and performed "The Way" and "Probl… E! News (Thu Mar 14)
Exclusive: ABC was considering not one, not two, but four other women to be TheBachelorette.… E! News (Thu Mar 14)
“Sending you my love and strength today and always I love you ??" -Gia E! News (Thu Mar 14)
Meghan Markle has completed her last royal engagement before maternity leave which means the countdown to baby Suss… E! News (Thu Mar 14)
TheBachelorette did us a solid and released the photos of all 30 of Hannah's men: E! News (Thu Mar 14)
The Truth About Melania and Ivanka Trump's Unusual Relationship E! News (Thu Mar 14)
Chrissy Teigen Wishes Her Son Miles a "Happy Graduation" From Wearing a Helmet E! News (Thu Mar 14)
TheBachelor's Colton and Cassie's ~undercover~ disguises. E! News (Thu Mar 14)
BTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E! News (Wed Mar 13)
Sister, sister E! News (Wed Mar 13)
Ciara and Russell Wilson abstained from premarital sex and it took a lot of prayer: "It was hard. I can't lie."… E! News (Wed Mar 13)
Luke Perry has been laid to rest in Tennessee: E! News (Wed Mar 13)
Lori Loughlin flew in from out of the country to surrender to the FBI and has now been taken into custody.… E! News (Wed Mar 13)
Last night we got to meet five of Hannah Brown's suitors so naturally, we've already done some light Insta-stalking… E! News (Wed Mar 13)
The Best iHeartRadio Music Awards Fashion Looks of All Time: From Flashy Jumpsuits to Goth Glam Dresses E! News (Wed Mar 13)
We still get jealous over this relationship, tbh. E! News (Wed Mar 13)
Cassie and Colton are together and happier than ever. E! News (Wed Mar 13)
"You are the most incredible person whom I have ever met, you have the kindest soul and the sweetest heart. ... I h… E! News (Wed Mar 13)
Yes, Lady Gaga is expecting.... her next album! E! News (Wed Mar 13)
Omg E! News (Wed Mar 13)
Chicago Police conducted a wellness check at R. Kelly's apartment after getting a call about an alleged "suicide pa… E! News (Tue Mar 12)
Mercury may be in retrograde, but when it comes to Jessica Alba's new tattoos, she won't "regret these ones. These… E! News (Tue Mar 12)
Rob Lowe throwing shade at Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. ? E! News (Tue Mar 12)
FullHouse's Lori Loughlin and DesperateHousewives' Felicity Huffman are at the center of an alleged college cheat… E! News (Tue Mar 12)
Felicity Huffman was arrested for her part in the college admissions scheme, but for her husband William H. Macy, t… E! News (Tue Mar 12)
Lori Loughlin has deleted her social media accounts and her daughter Olivia Jade has disabled her Instagram comment… E! News (Tue Mar 12)
Colton's Bachelor finale was dramatic, but it was hardly the first dramatic ending: E! News (Tue Mar 12)
"There aren't many words to share with you, only feelings. Gratitude. Excitement. And just… joy." -Alex Rodriguez… E! News (Tue Mar 12)
Amy Schumer is now "a role model to [her] little fetus," so she's done being soon as she stops throwing… E! News (Tue Mar 12)
There's nothing better than women supporting women: "I'm so happy for you sister! Congrats." E! News (Tue Mar 12)
The most dramatic hair transformation in Bachelor history: E! News (Tue Mar 12)
"I want somebody to, I don't know, jump a fence for me." - Hannah G E! News (Tue Mar 12)
Luke Perry's daughter Sophie Perry is tired of the criticism she's been receiving. E! News (Mon Mar 11)
?? Strong women ?? Amazing soundtrack ?? Unpredictable plot Hanna is everything we have ever needed. By… E! News (Mon Mar 11)
Serial brought national attention to Adnan Syed, but the HBO docuseries is putting the focus on the life of Hae Min… E! News (Mon Mar 11)
Kelly Catlin's cause of death has been revealed as suicide by asphyxia. E! News (Mon Mar 11)
Chance the Husband. E! News (Mon Mar 11)
It's the gift that keeps on giving. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is coming this holiday season!… E! News (Mon Mar 11)
Why Shawn Booth Needs--and Deserves--to Be the Next Bachelor E! News (Mon Mar 11)
Will an Uncommon James Shipping Crisis Further Fuel Kristin Cavallari's "Firing Spree"? E! News (Mon Mar 11)
Kim Kardashian Has the Cutest Nickname for Saint West E! News (Mon Mar 11)
Can we get a fist pump for JWOWW's 33rd birthday? E! News (Mon Mar 11)
Exclusive! Even though friends believed an engagement was coming soon, Alex Rodriguez's proposal to Jennifer Lopez… E! News (Sun Mar 10)
Get married? No problem. ? E! News (Sun Mar 10)
Country Cutie Carrie Underwood Turns 36! Celebrate Her Birthday With Her Best Music Videos Ever E! News (Sun Mar 10)
Best Friends Forever! Malika Haqq & Khloe Kardashian's Cutest Friendship Moments in Pictures E! News (Sun Mar 10)
Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin--Ranked E! News (Sun Mar 10)
Not to be dramatic, but we would die for this Jennifer Lopez and Joanna Gaines collab. E! News (Sun Mar 10)
Jennifer Lopez Is Engaged to Alex Rodriguez E! News (Sun Mar 10)
Jessie James Decker opened up about her post-baby body and her "extremely elastic skin": "I've had three babies, th… E! News (Sun Mar 10)
SOULMATES. ?? E! News (Sat Mar 09)
It's NationalBarbieDay so let's go for a ride and listen to Nicki Minaj's Barbie Dreams. ? E! News (Sat Mar 09)
Slippers You Can Actually Wear Outside E! News (Sat Mar 09)