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Naturally, Samantha Markle has something to say about the royal baby announcement: "It is in the best interests of… E! News (Tue Oct 16)
Kendall Jenner used a lie detector test to find out if Justin Bieber thinks she's cool and, well, he doesn't.… E! News (Tue Oct 16)
Royally meaningful. E! News (Tue Oct 16)
Justin Bieber can do no wrong in Hailey Baldwin's eyes: "He crushes everything. Every song, every feature. It's cra… E! News (Tue Oct 16)
"I got married very young, but it definitely wasn't power for me — it was protection. I married for love, but being… E! News (Tue Oct 16)
The only way Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby will get a royal title is if Queen Elizabeth II says so.… E! News (Tue Oct 16)
Here's 13 reasons why Dylan Minnette and Lydia Night may be the newest couple: E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Baby's first gift. E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Eminem caused quite a scene when he rapped from the top of the Empire State Building. E! News (Tue Oct 16)
First he felt guilty about Selena Gomez's hospitalization, but now Justin Bieber is "conflicted and confused" about… E! News (Mon Oct 15)
You don't come between RHONJ's Teresa Giudice and her family. E! News (Mon Oct 15)
"Two decades. When you're married with somebody that long and we were talking about it, we was like, 'You know, it'… E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Is Big Brother the ultimate matchmaker? We just want to know. E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Diana? Alexander? Victoria? E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Forensic artists are already predicting what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby will look like, and they all see… E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Arianators always have their queen's back, especially when it comes to her breakup with Pete Davidson. E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Pete Davidson has joked about Ariana Grande dumping him before, but looks like he spoke too soon.… E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Meghan Markle's absence during Prince Harry's trip to Fiji was a huge sign that she was pregnant. E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Meghan Markle Is Pregnant, Expecting First Child With Prince Harry E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Teresa and Joe Giudice's daughters vow to fight his deportation: "We are gonna do everything we can to fight this d… E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Kanye West is back from his social media break and wants to discuss mind control: "If someone tries to tell me what… E! News (Mon Oct 15)
"Blessed, thankful and focused." E! News (Mon Oct 15)
Here's a look back at Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's whirlwind romance: E! News (Sun Oct 14)
The RoyalWedding's evening reception included many rounds of Casamigos shots and margaritas. E! News (Sun Oct 14)
We're not feeling good after hearing this news ?: E! News (Sun Oct 14)
Things just got real. Congrats to Tony Raines and Alyssa Giacone on their engagement! E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Princess Eugenie's reception dress was inspired by the Windsor countryside and the blush of an English rose. ? E! News (Sat Oct 13)
The RoyalWedding portraits are officially here and they are beautiful! E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Kane Brown found a girl better than Heaven and married her ??: E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Cardi B's birthday party was ?, literally. E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Drake talks about being a father to his baby boy Adonis for the first time and it's got us in our feelings: E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Keeping Up With The Kousins! ? E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Social media has helped and hurt Julia Roberts: "I'm a 50-year-old woman and I know who I am, and still my feelings… E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Life on the set of the original Charmed? Anything but charming a lot of the time. E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Will the original Mr. Christian Grey please stand up? E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Princess Eugenie's Wedding Gown Looks a Lot Like These Celebrity Dresses E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Cardi B is rooting for Selena Gomez during her treatment: "Girl, you're beautiful, you're rich and hold on because… E! News (Sat Oct 13)
Kate Hudson can't help but gush about her family, including boyfriend Danny Fujikawa: "Kind beautiful man, your pur… E! News (Fri Oct 12)
There might be some royal baby news E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Prince George's cousin, Savannah Phillips, is the older cousin we wish we had (if we were 5 years old, of course).… E! News (Fri Oct 12)
We stan a humble princess. E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Prince George was cute as ever at Princess Eugenie's wedding. E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Ryan Gosling still remembers how "freakishly talented" Britney Spears was, when they were both in the Mickey Mouse… E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and other guests prove that their style is always changing, especially at royal wedd… E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Proof that Prince William and Kate Middleton are just a normal married couple that can't keep their hands off of ea… E! News (Fri Oct 12)
It's no surprise why Queen Elizabeth II chose not to give Jack Brooksbank a royal title. Here's why: E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Get all the details on Princess Eugenie's bouquet. E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding was a real-life fairytale. E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Prince Harry found himself at St. George’s Chapel yet again with two of his exes. E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Princess Eugenie wore a very special accessory on her wedding day: The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara. E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Princess Eugenie looks stunning in her Peter Pilotto wedding gown. E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Today's the day Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are getting married! Here's everything we know about the… E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Princess Eugenie and Prince Harry are not only cousins, but they're also incredibly close friends. E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Tell E!, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide? E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Be careful with m(E!). E! News (Fri Oct 12)
God we feel bad for anyone who slept on @jordynwoods all this time. ? E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Threesomes? S&M? Kristen Bell may be into it, but it's NOT because she feels the need to save her marriage. E! News (Fri Oct 12)
Keira Knightley responds to claims that accused her of shaming Kate Middleton. "I absolutely did not shame anybody… E! News (Thu Oct 11)
Following two recent hospitalizations related to last year's kidney transplant, Selena Gomez felt the weight of the… E! News (Thu Oct 11)
Mac Miller's family is warning everyone about fraudulent fundraisers that are planned in his name.… E! News (Thu Oct 11)
Ellen Pompeo wants to pick herself, choose herself, and love herself. She might be ready to hang up her surgical ca… E! News (Thu Oct 11)
Todrick Hall spilled ALL the tea on his cheating ex: "I stayed up all night waiting for miss Shady Williams to come… E! News (Thu Oct 11)
While talking about her Be Best initiative, Melania Trump said that she is "the most bullied person on the world." E! News (Thu Oct 11)
Dakota Johnson may have had a party with blue and pink balloons, but that doesn't mean she's expecting a child with… E! News (Thu Oct 11)
Are we surprised Timothée Chalamet is a huge fan of The Office just like the rest of us? E! News (Thu Oct 11)
BachelorNation's Amanda Stanton has pleaded not guilty after her domestic violence arrest. E! News (Thu Oct 11)
"He has a really focused mission of what he wants to talk about, and I think the White House is really receptive to… E! News (Thu Oct 11)
Hang on to your crown beanies, Riverdale fans! This season is even more wild than the last. E! News (Thu Oct 11)
Survivors ready? To talk about ~Survivor love~ throughout the last 18 years. E! News (Wed Oct 10)
The only thing we stan more than GreysAnatomy itself is the guest cameos. E! News (Wed Oct 10)
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Velvet Heels E! News (Wed Oct 10)
The cause of Verne Troyer's death is ruled as suicide by "alcohol intoxication." E! News (Wed Oct 10)
It's rare for Beyonce's parents to be seen together since their divorce, but Bey got them in formation at her… E! News (Wed Oct 10)
We love everything about Ellen Pompeo's response to GreysAnatomy's multiple PCAs nominations: "I owe everything t… E! News (Wed Oct 10)
Haaave you met Ted? Meredith Grey's love life is about to get very interesting on GreysAnatomy. E! News (Wed Oct 10)
Kylie Jenner's break from lip fillers is over. E! News (Wed Oct 10)
Oh my god, okay, it's happening. E! News (Wed Oct 10)
There's love all around. ?????? E! News (Wed Oct 10)
Taylor Swift just won Artist of the Year and made AMAs history. E! News (Wed Oct 10)
Ciara and Missy Elliot's AMAs performance was supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh. E! News (Wed Oct 10)
TopChef's Fatima Ali has only a year to live: "When we think we have all the time in the world to live, we forget… E! News (Tue Oct 09)
TWINS E! News (Tue Oct 09)
"There are places that snap you out of your comfortable world view, they lead you to believe that maybe there is ho… E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Ariana really did show us how to graduate. To new music, that is. E! News (Tue Oct 09)
We're in love with the shape of this birthday party. E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Cardi B is setting the record straight on THAT Nicki Minaj altercation: It goes back to a tweet Nicki allegedly lik… E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Samantha Markle had a "wonderful experience" in London despite being turned away at Kensington Palace. E! News (Tue Oct 09)
We are fully prepared to lose control tonight because Ciara and Missy Elliott are blessing us with a brand new, fun… E! News (Tue Oct 09)
The Weeknd wished his "angel" Bella Hadid a happy birthday and we're just going to need a moment.… E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Taylor Swift is opening the AMAs tonight and we just have to know: Are you …ready for it? E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Another edition of MeanTweets is coming tonight and we've got your preview. E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Peaches up! ? Luca Guadagnino is already thinking of a possible CallMeByYourName sequel that involves Dakota Johns… E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Working with Lady Gaga in AStarIsBorn was a dream come true for @itsSHANGELA. E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Kate Middleton and Prince William channeled their inner Monet (and their inner comedian) while painting. E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Customs, food and the spelling changes: The Outlander cast is dishing on all things America that they have still y… E! News (Tue Oct 09)
John Goodman says Roseanne Barr is "is missed, definitely" on TheConners. E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Meme queen E! News (Tue Oct 09)
If you love true crime podcasts, you'll love the new series Dirty John: E! News (Tue Oct 09)
Lauren Conrad's son!!!! Are we joking!!!! E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Ben Affleck is reflecting (and hanging out with Shauna Sexton in the process). E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's love just went to infinity and beyond. E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Lil Wayne's performance ended in panic after an attendee yelled that they heard gunshots. E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Congratulations are in order for newlyweds Barbara Bush and Craig Louis Coyne! E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Bode Miller and his wife Morgan Beck Miller welcomed a baby boy into the world four months after their daughter Eme… E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Take a Look Back on Scott Disick and Sofia Richie's Jet Set Year in Photos E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Ashlee Simpson-Ross Turns to Mom Tina Simpson Amid Her "Juggling Act" of Being a Working Mom E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Kylie Jenner Celebrates Stormi Webster's 8-Month Birthday With Sweet Photo Shoot E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Kim Kardashian Tells Kourtney She Looks Like a "F--king Grandma" During a Fitting in Tokyo on KUWTK E! News (Mon Oct 08)
Kylie Jenner is like realizing stuff, and by stuff we mean a sister for Stormi! E! News (Sun Oct 07)
Meet Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's Wedding Party E! News (Sun Oct 07)
JWoww takes her son to a chiropractor to try to help him overcome his speech delay: E! News (Sat Oct 06)
Well, damn, Jackie! Now that's a kiss: E! News (Sat Oct 06)
Ellen DeGeneres Scares Because She Cares: See Her Funniest Scares & Spooks Over the Years Now E! News (Sat Oct 06)
Carrie Underwood Shows Scar From 2017 Accident in Selfie E! News (Sat Oct 06)
Kourtney didn't come to play. E! News (Sat Oct 06)
Kim Kardashian turned down a $1 million deal just for Kanye West, but his "thank you" gift definitely made up for i… E! News (Wed Oct 03)
Get Ready to Chow Down When the PCAs Food Truck Heads to NYC, Austin and LA This Month! E! News (Wed Oct 03)
On October 3rd, Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was and the rest was history. Happy MeanGirlsDay from… E! News (Wed Oct 03)
The Avengers: Infinity War cast remember their first time... voting. "I was so excited afterwards that I elected al… E! News (Tue Oct 02)
There's no smile here. Lily Allen recalls the time her ex-husband prevented their kids from going on tour with her.… E! News (Tue Oct 02)
He's not sayin' she's a gold digger, but Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian a $1 million check for "always supporting"… E! News (Tue Oct 02)
Taylor Swift gave an 8-year-old fan with autism $10,000 for a service dog and front row tickets to her show. "She d… E! News (Tue Oct 02)
Jameela Jamil accidentally used her roommate's vibrator as a curling iron but hey, it happens to everyone...right? E! News (Tue Oct 02)
See the Racy Photos That Got Lana and Rusev in Trouble With the WWE on Total Divas E! News (Tue Oct 02)
Demi Lovato Completes 60 Days in Rehab: What We Know About Her Continued Recovery E! News (Tue Oct 02)
Emma Stone Opens Up About Her Lifelong Struggle With Anxiety and Panic Attacks E! News (Tue Oct 02)
TeenMomOG's Tyler Baltierra is questioning his relationship with Catelynn Lowell, because he hasn't been happy "fo… E! News (Tue Oct 02)
Jessie James Decker wants fellow moms to know they're not alone in balancing a family and career.… E! News (Tue Oct 02)
so blessed. so moved. so grateful. cant believe this is our life. never going to take it for granted. always going… E! News (Tue Oct 02)
We're going to need a minute (and a fiancé?) after seeing RHOA's Porsha Williams' engagement ring. E! News (Tue Oct 02)
Paris is the city of love, after all. E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Dear Sally, can you believe Felicity premiered 20 years ago? E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Not sure what's going on here, but can we talk about their sunglasses game? E! News (Mon Oct 01)
ShahsofSunset's Lilly Ghalichi has welcomed a baby girl into the world. E! News (Mon Oct 01)
So what's VanderpumpRules' Scheana Marie and Adam Spott's relationship status? E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Happy birthday, Julie Andrews! E! News (Mon Oct 01)
"I've heard it all my career. Early on, I didn't get a role because they said I wasn't ‘f--kable.'" - Bradley Coope… E! News (Mon Oct 01)
"He's a free thinker, is that not allowed in America?" - Kim Kardashian E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Kanye West, or uh, Ye, had a LOT to say this weekend about the 13th Amendment and politics, but he's not done yet. E! News (Mon Oct 01)
We love a man in uniform and apparently so does Priyanka E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Asia Argento wants to send a permanent message to Rose McGowan: E! News (Mon Oct 01)
The country music community is coming together to honor the lives of the Route 91 victims: "We love you and we will… E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Hey Gunner Pratt, You know what you did? You know what you did! You made the world see @spencerpratt & @heidimontag… E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Pink's dog passed away and her tribute is f*ckin' perfect: E! News (Mon Oct 01)
JWoww and Roger Matthews are spending time together days after their divorce announcement: E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Love her or hate her, but Annalise Keating is getting away with a PCAs nomination. Take a look at a few of Viola D… E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Meghan Markle's half-sister Samantha appeared on a television show in London and was criticized for her actions ove… E! News (Mon Oct 01)
A show that is loosely based on Harry Styles living in a suburban couple's attic premieres tonight. Here's everythi… E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Cardi B surrendered to police in New York City after being accused of allegedly ordering people to attack female ba… E! News (Mon Oct 01)
Something wicked this way comes to Freeform tonight! E! News (Mon Oct 01)