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In honor of the 19th birthday of NoStringsAttached, here's our interview from 2000 with @NSYNC's @realjoeyfatone a… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
"I am over companies who use feminism to sell everything from shampoo to sneakers." @ayeshakfaines has had enough w… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
On today's NeedtoKnow panel, @Dometi_ and @ayeshakfaines @rayjay3k @KeyisQueen discuss their love for @lizzo, why… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of @Madonna's LikeAPrayer, we're throwing it back to our 1990 interview with the… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
.@PLLTVSeries might be about secrets, but we got to the bottom of things when we caught up with… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
.@ArianaGrande's tour got even sweeter when she brought out @2chainz for the live debut of MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
From Cancún, @zaralarsson talks about her MTVSpringBreak experience, and why performing on the iconic stage has be… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
.@colesprouse made his singing debut on last night’s Riverdale, and according to @lilireinhart – and all the fans… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
It looks like things are back on track for @Guardians MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
In honor of the @HeathersMusical episode, we asked the @CW_Riverdale cast, “What’s your damage?” Most of them only… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
Is a "Call Me By Your Name" sequel actually a good idea? According to @armiehammer, maybe not MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
.@daddy_yankee is the first Spanish language musician to perform on the MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
Raise your hand if you're emotionally ready to see @noahcent play a muscular superhero ? MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 21)
.@niluferyanya explores herself, the universe, and the expanses of emotional dreamy pop in MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
Growing up is hard enough without interdimensional monsters, but chaos doesn't take a break in the trailer for… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
Judging by its teaser, Quentin Tarantino’s OnceUponATimeInHollywood is going to be a riotous, raunchy Hollywood fa… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
.@Grimezsz is making her return with ‘Miss_Anthrop0cene,’ a nu-metal album to “make climate change fun” MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
Just call her @SophieT, Queen of the Vine ? MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
Today might be the first day of spring, but @lizzo and @MissyElliott’s new bop TEMPO is already in line to be the… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
.@PostMalone’s visual for “Wow” plays like an authentic video diary, kind of MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
Scientists have revealed the identity of notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper. @Dometi_ breaks down what you… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
While not all Muslim women observe hijab, those who do are often made to feel alienated by non-Muslims, regardless… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
In her new music, @tiffanyyoung is bold, authentic, and telling her own narrative, on her own terms MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
Even though Jon Snow was at the forefront of GameOfThrones, Kit Harington admits it “wasn’t a very good time” in h… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
.@rocketmanmovie's @TaronEgerton and @_richardmadden give their best Elton John high note performance in… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
.@MileyCyrus, @halsey, and @chancetherapper are among the dozens of acts storming Woodstock50 this summer MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 20)
Another day, another OnceUponATimeInHollywood poster — but this one is all @MargotRobbie MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 19)
.@Normani kicked off the SweetenerWorldTour with a fierce set that showed she’s a true triple threat MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 19)
Kit Harington opened up about a GameOfThrones twist that changed everything, and his struggle with depression thro… MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 19)
.@tiffanyyoung on owning her narrative, and its reflection in her new EP: “You have to be able to see past the pain… MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 19)
It’s @sabrinanetflix, witch MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 19)
.@ArianaGrande is partnering with @HeadCountOrg to register fans to vote at her concerts with MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 19)
.@ArianaGrande’s ThankUNext represents a chance for the artist to vent, speak her truth, confess, and reclaim her… MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 19)
FreeMeek is a @PrimeVideo series that will take a look at the rapper’s legal history and fight for freedom followi… MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 19)
.@evanrosskatz talked to Christian Cowan about his female-empowering approach to fashion: “Every time a woman wears… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
With her music, @ArianaGrande is reclaiming her narrative — there’s a reason why ThankUNext is a command, not a qu… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
.@IGGYAZALEA is giving looks to kill in the SallyWalker music video, thanks to some DragRace friends and killer f… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
The “shocking” ending was almost saved for the beginning of AvengersEndgame… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
It looks like the third episode in GameOfThrones season 8 will be its longest ? MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
On the inaugural episode of Women You NeedtoKnow, @Dometi_ chats with @Reductress co-founders @bethnew and… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
“All right, man y’all gonna make me put a feature on the album just so this sh*t can stop” MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
The BopShop is open for business, and we’ve serving up a new weekly round-up of hot tracks ? MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
New Zealand is swiftly reacting to last week's tragic mass shooting by passing new gun control legislation.… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
Wealthy parents cheated the admissions system in the CollegeCheatingScandal, but access to higher education has lo… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
Christian Cowan is changing the face of fashion, collaborating with women to create designs that make them feel con… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
.@TEYANATAYLOR’s new video is a myriad of afros, platform shoes, vinyl, and our MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 18)
“I am always learning and will continue to work at being the best human being I can be,” @JamesGunn said in a state… MTV NEWS (Sun Mar 17)
.@IGGYAZALEA slays at a funeral, of all places, thanks to some fierce help from some @RuPaulsDragRace queens MTV NEWS (Sun Mar 17)
.@taylorswift13 thanked her fans for being the “unforeseeable factor” that made the ‘Reputation Stadium Tour’ the h… MTV NEWS (Sun Mar 17)
After her DragRace exit, @Honey_Davenport is ready to keep on going and keep creating ? MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
Our SoundOn panelists @Kendrick38, @Kat_Blaque, @KodieShane, @RashadJennings, and @IWriteAllDay_ tackle the topic… MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
Introducing BopShop, a weekly selection of fresh tunes that on our minds, and should be on yours ?? MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
.@Karamo, a lifestyle inspiration himself, shared 5 things that inspire him, just in time for the new season of… MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
In our inaugural SoundOn panel, @RashadJennings and @Kendrick38 discuss the dynamic between mentalhealth, love, a… MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
It looks like the next @Guardians movie is keeping its creative captain MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
ICYMI: Louis Tomlinson’s sister died at age 18, from a suspected heart attack MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
We have everything you need to know as @ArianaGrande’s Sweetener and ThankUNext Tour gets ready to hit the road ?? MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
Why should we be excited about the new Aladdin and TheLionKing movies? Because according to @alexisthenedd, all t… MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
ICYMI: At least 49 people were killed and many were injured, in mass shootings at two mosques in New Zealand, in w… MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
We bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off of @Normani, who sways like the sea in her @FallonTonight performanc… MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 16)
"Nobody said you had to live a boring life." Wise words from @afrojack, @RaeSremmurd, and @stanaj MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 15)
Fans are rallying to SaveODAAT after Netflix announced they weren’t picking up the series for a fourth season MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 15)
.@carlyraejepsen is the cat lady we aspire to be in the NowThatIFoundYou music video ? MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
“Despite the buzz about Beto O’Rourke, we don’t have much of an idea of where he stands on national issues or how h… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
In our inaugural SoundOn series, @Kat_Blaque gets real about the ''pray on it" trope in the black community regard… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
Will you accept these bros? ? We have the first look at @DJPaulyD and @VINNYGUADAGNINO’s new reality dating show MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
The Manson murders are re-examined through the lens of the followers in MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
Elle Fanning transforms into a pop star right before our eyes, thanks to an iconic performance of DancingOnMyOwn i… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
A new AvengersEndgame trailer is out in the world, and it’s stuffed with new footage MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
ICYMI: The next round of @nbcsnl guests include Sandra Oh, a GameOfThrones star, an Oscars winner, and oh yeah,… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
10 years ago, SorrySorry not only catapulted @SJofficial to stardom, but it revolutionized K-pop itself. ELF… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
The discussion surrounding mental health is being destigmatized, but there is still work to be done for a number of… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 14)
ICYMI: @CityGirls_QC and @lilbaby4PF were just added to our already stacked MTVSpringBreak lineup ?? MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 13)
.@vampireweekend wanders into a deli, runs into @JerrySeinfeld, and takes a New York City stroll in the @JonahHill-… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 13)
.@colesprouse opened up on his relationship with his Riverdale co-star, and how they both grapple with guarding th… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 13)
.@colesprouse opens up about dating, Disney, his new movie, and much, much more MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 13)
ICYMI: Schools affected by the scheme include Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, and USC, however parents are being consi… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 13)
.@UsMovie takes the home invasion trope and turns it upside down to ask, “What if we’re the monsters of our own sto… MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 12)
.@GalGadot shared a special message to congratulate her new superhero sister-in-arms, @brielarson, on the success o… MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 12)
The trailer for season 2 of @Netflix’s OnMyBlock lightens the mood, after an intense cliffhanger MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 12)
In honor of the 10th anniversary of @LadyGaga's Fame Ball Tour, we’re throwing it back to our 2009 interview with h… MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 12)
CaptainMarvel is a veritable smash—how’s that for girl power ? MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 12)
There’s a few bars from “A Whole New World” and “Friend Like Me” hiding in the new @disneyaladdin trailer… MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 12)
.@solangeknowles leaves her webcam on for a solo dance party in the vibey visual to MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 12)
ICYMI: @lucyhale is only “slightly freaking out” about joining the new Riverdale spinoff, MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 12)
Music’s biggest power couple is getting some much-deserved recognition for their LGBTQ advocacy MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 12)
Happy NationalNappingDay! @Dometi_ and NeedtoKnow celebrate the joyous holiday with CaptainMarvel's box office b… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
The pantsuit is a power statement, and young starlets are taking note and running with it MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
.@Beyonce and Jay-Z will be honored for their work as “passionate defenders of human rights and acceptance for all”… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
.@thegreatkhalid’s video for “Talk” is like a piece of contagious, color-coded candy ?? MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
ICYMI: DC’s newest superhero flick, Shazam, has been leaving critics super impressed ? MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
CaptainMarvel had the biggest opening weekend box office earnings ever for a female-fronted film MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
Someone on the Internet said you don’t need more than 8 tampons per cycle, and we did the math because we could not… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
.@2chainz and @ArianaGrande’s new video is an illustrious suit and tie affair, that’ll have you feeling like you ru… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
Insomnia, films, and light in the darkness of midnight musings are at the center of Epik High’s new album.… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
StandYourGround laws already disproportionately impact people of color, but in Arkansas, a proposed change could m… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
Need some MondayMotivation? Even Demi Lovato doubles up on the self-love sometimes ♥ MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
SXSW kicks things off, but festival season is just beginning, and we’ve got your guide to the best fests all summe… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
Justin Bieber took to Instagram to give fans some clarity on his situation MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
Epik High’s @blobyblo on how his insomnia inspired the Korean hip-hop trio’s new album MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
The entire @Disney motion picture library will soon be available on a new streaming service, and it’s a game changer MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 11)
“It takes a certain amount of privilege for someone to be able to say, ‘Stop drinking so much Starbucks and just pa… MTV NEWS (Sun Mar 10)
ICYMI: @JaredLeto is set to suck blood in this Spiderman spinoff, and we couldn’t be more excited ?‍?? MTV NEWS (Sun Mar 10)
Meet @TXT_members, the K-pop quintet making waves in the industry during their first week ? MTV NEWS (Sun Mar 10)
.@JuiceWorlddd’s DeathRaceForLove highlights the rapper’s full range, from confident melodies to cutting lyricism MTV NEWS (Sun Mar 10)
ICYMI: Here’s a look at some of the 200-plus candidates vying for a spot on the Democratic ticket MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 09)
Korean dramas are about to be your favorite binge-worthy go-to MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 09)
Luke Perry’s character in Riverdale brought color to the town’s dreary atmosphere, and his warm presence will be r… MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 09)
.@CupcakKe_rapper highlights her quick wit with lines like, “Devil tryna break me but it never work like McDonald’s… MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 09)
Happy InternationalWomensDay from @ArianaGrande, @LaurenJauregui, @DUALIPA, and more of your faves! MTV NEWS (Sat Mar 09)
BREAKING: A grand jury has indicted Jussie Smollett on 16 felony counts. We have a full timeline of the developing… MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
.@MariahCarey’s ANoNo music video is a train ride to starting the weekend off right ? MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
.@sxsw is coming, and we’ve got a list of the top flicks to keep on your radar – from @ZacEfron with frosted tips t… MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
Demi Lovato is celebrating single life with a sweet self-love sentiment MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
In honor of the 25th anniversary of @nineinchnails' classic album TheDownwardSpiral, here's our 1994 interview wit… MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
ICYMI: Winter has been inching its way toward us, and now it’s almost here MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
Happy InternationalWomensDay! Hey men, listen up! @taylor_ortega breaks down what you NeedtoKnow about the histor… MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
The @jonasbrothers revisited “Lovebug” and “When You Look Me in the Eyes” on CarpoolKaraoke, and gave us the conce… MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
.@CupcakKe_rapper’s new single BirdBox is furious and witty, hitting harder and faster than some of her previous t… MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
You've heard of therapy. But have you heard of DOUBLE THERAPY? Let @joyellenicole extol the many wondrous virtues o… MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
.@avamax is making relatable, fun pop music to satisfy the hole in your heart MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
"I think every fruit that's not berries is disgusting." And with that, @gabydvj started off an important… MTV NEWS (Fri Mar 08)
.@brielarson and @SamuelLJackson gave this @ArianaGrande classic a CaptainMarvel-worthy makeover MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 07)
Harvard students weighed in on Lil Pump, the self-proclaimed ‘Harverd Dropout’ who was (sort of) rumored to give th… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 07)
We just got some seriously big updates on the upcoming @LOTRonPrime series ? MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 07)
.@Kehlani went back to her roots for this gorgeous visual about encouraging a loved one to open up ? MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 07)
? Good news @RaeSremmurd fans, the duo’s fourth album is reportedly en MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 07)
“It may have taken far too long for R. Kelly’s reckoning to come, but the moment seems to have finally arrived” MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 07)
Because where else can you indulge in the most unrelatable stories, eat instant ramen along with the characters, an… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 07)
There aren’t many details floating around just yet, but one thing is for certain: when Gundam hits the big screen,… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 07)
ICYMI: This teen went to the Senate to argue that anti-vaccination info is to blame for the spread of infectious d… MTV NEWS (Thu Mar 07)
.@HereIsGina chooses herself, and not the dude, in this new rom-com coming to @Netflix MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 06)
.@franciaraisa on tonight’s @grownish spring finale: “We’re leaving them with such a cliffhanger” ? MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 06)
We kept it real with Chinese rap group @HigherBrothers, and popped some champagne, threw some cash, and talked musi… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 06)
.@TierraWhack is taking rap music into uncharted territory, and shows no signs of slowing down with her latest trac… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 06)
R. Kelly bombs an interview that he didn't deserve in the first place. @taylor_ortega breaks what you NeedtoKnow a… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 06)
.@taylorswift13 discussed the importance of believing victims, and owning being labelled a “snake” in a reflective… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 06)
ICYMI: @CWRoswellNM is the kind of TV that wraps around you like a warm blanket and knows exactly how to give you… MTV NEWS (Wed Mar 06)
.@CamiloMusica is making the move from hit-making songwriter to full-fledged artist MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 05)
At this point, the @jonasbrothers are the kings of comebacks – and getting married MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 05)
Have you tried the CrocsChallenge yet? @taylor_ortega has what you NeedtoKnow about this viral spawn of the… MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 05)
.@djkhaled’s next album, FATHEROFASAHD, is coming, and he hyped it up in a major ? way MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 05)
The long-awaited GameOfThrones season 8 trailer does not disappoint MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 05)
.@AllyBrooke and @ToriKelly’s cover of Shallow is so good you'll want to listen to it twice! MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 05)
The people of Flint, Michigan, have gone without drinkable water for almost five years MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 05)
.@colesprouse, @lilireinhart, and more remember "legend" Luke Perry MTV NEWS (Tue Mar 05)
How does mental health affect eating disorders? @Dometi_ chats with author and motivational speaker @alexkovarovic… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 04)
The always charming @HarryShumJr talked us about the importance of representation on the screen — from… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 04)
This month’s MTVPUSH Artist to Watch is @JadeBirdMusic, whose eclectic and powerful voice will sneak up on you and… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 04)
With no end in sight for the Flint water crisis, sourcing enough water bottles for residents has become a challenge… MTV NEWS (Mon Mar 04)